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The number of changing migration regulations gives you a headache? You find it difficult to walk through a jungle of procedures? Your staffing needs far exceed the local market capacity? Or maybe endless visits to offices to speed up delayed processes destabilize your team’s work?

Our clients also had to face similar challenges and we helped them.

Use our migration support services. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we not only provide expertise on the processes but also analyze your situation and find the most effective solutions. Let us deal with all the formalities related to relocation and legalization of residence of foreigners from all over the world. Work permits, work orders, temporary residence permits and other documents will no longer be your problem. Choose a trusted partner who knows how to do it quickly, effectively and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

You spend too much time recruiting candidates and the interesting ones ultimately do not decide to start cooperation? Looking for the right specialist takes you the time you should use to achieve business goals? Candidates complain that the recruitment process is too long and feedback is not given on time? Or maybe employees are not satisfied with the cooperation? Managers do not give them enough time and meetings at which their matters should be discussed are constantly postponed to the “next day” that never comes? If your company is perceived as a place that does not always care about the employee’s comfort, we know how to help you.

Let us use our many years of experience and see why you do not achieve your goals. We will check everything, step by step, and identify areas requiring improvement and optimization. Thanks to our considerable expertise, you will reduce the time needed to find an interesting candidate, and the recruitment process will be pleasant for both parties. With the right approach and positive attitude, candidates will be willing to establish cooperation, at the same time recommending the company to their friends. Make yourself known as an attractive employer who takes care of their employees. If you want to discover what can be improved, trust a company that has been continually boasting the Great Place to Work title since 2015!

Do you happen to employ people who do not adapt to the new work environment and their role during the trial period? Is it a problem for you to identify competences missing in your team? How well do you know competences in your organization? Can you define them appropriately and assess their level to properly plan further development? Or maybe there is no day that goes by without you wondering how to reduce fluctuations, which have been at a high level for a long period of time? Are you looking for a solution allowing you to retain experienced employees? Employees want to know what career paths you have for them?

We perfectly understand these challenges, having faced them ourselves.

The implementation of competency model and career paths in the organization will increase employee involvement and efficiency. We will design the whole process for all levels of organization. You will be successful in recruiting candidates with appropriate competences. You will get access to a tool for objective employee evaluation. Detailed tips related to the possibilities of its further development will also be given. Let those who have worked out the best solutions support you. By using our program, you will build and develop a qualified managerial team strengthening your competitive advantage.

You don’t know how to engage and motivate your employees? Valuable ones are burned-out and bored, they decide to leave and you don’t know how to stop them? People in your organization want to grow, but they have no idea what they could do?

You don’t have to face these problems on your own. The development program will help you cope with them.

As part of the program, we will create a process for you to enable employees to change their roles within the organization, and you will help them fulfil their potential in the areas they are interested in. We will define the requirements to be met and develop training programs to prepare employees for new challenges. We will design a process that will allow you to easily manage the employee’s role change and help them develop within your organization. You will see how to quickly solve problems related to the lack of staff or high turnover, and thanks to the program employees will get a chance to acquire new skills that they will use in their new role.

Is your team having a problem with communication? Do you feel that the number of conflicts grows and you have no ideas on how to resolve them? Do you work with unmotivated people who are not engaged in what they are doing? Sometimes you get the impression that your employees don’t like what their work?

We know what to do to solve these problems. Thanks to team diagnosis using FRIS® test, you will be able to learn the action style, predisposition and approach of each team member. The findings and recommendations from the study will help employees achieve their goals more effectively and improve their productivity. The allocation of tasks will be much simpler, and team members will finally have a chance to perform the ones they feel best at. We will help you with internal communication, eliminating conflicts and misunderstandings in the team. You will see for yourself how little it takes to work with motivated and satisfied people who complement each other.

Do you feel that managers in your organization need support, but they don’t always have someone to turn to? The executive team does not fulfil their business objectives and the solutions they propose are not solving all the problems they face? Do employees complain that their superiors don’t support them at work and when they try to achieve their goals? Or maybe you keep hearing that managers are not effective and the mistakes they make are costly to the organization and prevent it from retaining a competitive advantage?

If you need an expert management team that is mature, effective and able to implement modern and profitable solutions, at the same time supporting employees in everyday challenges, we know how to help you. Let us offer you a solution eliminating the abovementioned problems.

The mentoring process improving your management skills will be designed by us from beginning to end. Managers will be more effective and their decisions more mature, which will translate into revenue. We will break down organizational silos, and managers will finally be able to focus on what is most important. The program is aimed at both very experienced leaders with great knowledge and new people who are just beginning their adventure with management. We will develop its general rules and participation rules for the mentor and the mentee. We will prepare internal communication, provide content and training materials and development plans for different-level managers in the organization. Don’t wait for the competition to recruit the best. Invest in your most valuable capital – people. That investment always pays off.

Do you work with paper documents whose processing takes much time? Do you feel that you need half a day to manage your email in-box and all you do in that time is reply to never-ending messages? Are you more and more frequently thinking about implementing remote work, but are worried that you won’t be able to communicate properly with your team? Or maybe you lack a place in the organization where you could post all important information about the company/knowledge sharing/events and plans?

We know the solution to your problems.

The implementation of Microsoft 365 will improve communication. As a result, it will be possible for your team, which is not always in the same place, to work remotely. We will give you tools needed to launch a platform allowing you to communicate with your employees. Our systems also makes it possible to work with your team on documents in real time. Not everyone can show up for the training? No problem. With the recording platform, you can save your trainer’s presentation and play it at any time. Seize on technology and create a place where everyone wants to work.

How many recruitment processes in your organization ended in failure? You make improvements and introduce new processes in your HR department but are unable to assess their effectiveness? You delegate tasks to your team, but the lack of reporting tools prevents you from verifying the results?

These are problems that many companies face every day. We were also looking for a solution and finally found it.

Now you can derive benefits from our many years of experience and use tools that will save you time and money. Introduce an efficiency-monitoring culture into the organization. Optimization is only the first step. The next one should include measuring and verifying its objectives. Let us develop measurable indicators tailored to your needs and the sector in which you operate. We will implement tools that easily analyze large volumes of different types of data and allow rapid identification of areas that are not performing well.

Have you ever heard from employees that they would like to do something important for others? Or maybe your subordinates do not feel their work is valuable and meaningful because they don’t see how to help others? The team you work with is not driven by the values your organization identifies with? Show them what is really important and let your employees get involved.

Corporate Social Responsibility, which involves acting together to the benefit of our society and helping those who need it, is a crucial, necessary thing. Through the CSR and volunteer program, you will create a community that can engage in initiatives supporting other people, at the same time integrating and promoting the values you follow in your everyday life and your daily work. We will develop a support and help program for your employees to do good and share the preciousness of life with others. See how strongly people, including those closest to you, can engage. Helping is fun!

Employees leave the organization and finding a replacement takes a long time and is expensive? You think it is hard to plan your employees’ work because you can’t forecast their availability? Are you having trouble completing your tasks on time since employees unexpectedly leave the organization, taking your time and not improving the efficiency of other employees?

If you don’t know how to deal with this, then we have a solution for you.

With the fluctuation measuring and predicting tool we developed, you will ensure team continuity and implement appropriate solutions that help reduce turnover. Thanks to the data obtained from the analysis, you will know which processes should be implemented first, which are effective and which, despite promising forecasts, do not work. Our tool will also allow you to manage competences and prepare for emergencies that could impede your work and affect your organization’s goals.

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Intranet Portal

An internal communication platform allows you to gather all company resources in one place. With its help, employees keep up to date with the latest news and announcements.

An internal communication platform allows you to gather all company resources in one place....

  • Information dissemination
  • Efficient administration
  • Quick file sharing
  • Company-culture building

Job Market

An internal, intuitive company system containing job offers made to your employees. It describes current vacancies in detail, indicating the required skills and tasks assigned to the roles in question. Another platform-specific functionality enables your staff to change the projects they're assigned to and develop.

An internal, intuitive company system containing job offers made to your employees. It describes...

  • Wide choice of offers
  • Job Changer app for career change
  • Thematically grouped categories
  • Friend-recommendation system

Self-Services Platform for Employees

Integrating various processes, a personal platform offers each employee a bunch of functionalities. The easy-to-manage system makes it possible to centralize standard administrative activities in digital space.

Integrating various processes, a personal platform offers each employee a bunch of functionalities. The...

  • Work time reporting
  • Business trips
  • Absences
  • Requests for assistance

Business Intelligence for HR

An HR dashboard collects the most relevant data and organizes it, enabling managers and business controllers to measure performance and metrics in real time. Consolidating KPIs gathered from a variety of sources, the system presents it graphically through charts or graphs.

An HR dashboard collects the most relevant data and organizes it, enabling managers and...

  • In-depth trend analysis
  • Productivity increase
  • Identification of areas to be improved
  • Business optimization

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Joanna Kucharska

Chief Human Resources Officer

Joanna has been working at Sii from the very beginning. She was involved in creating and implementing HR and recruitment strategy, contributing to the company’s long-term success. Now, as Chief Human Resources Officer, she is responsible for all retention and HR support processes, including onboarding, trainings & development path, career advisory, workers evaluation, objectives management, Job Changer, exit interviews, satisfaction surveys, and integration, as well as both promotion and preservation of Sii values.


Wojciech Dreja

Recruitment Director

Experienced manager and leader. He facilitates Sii’s growth by assuring fast and effective functioning of recruitment processes that meet the expectations of internal and external clients. Wojciech is also involved in the creation of Sii’s global employer branding strategy. Under his governance, Sii recruitment team registers over 10 000 candidates each quarter and conducts more than 1 000 interviews monthly, successfully hiring 140 individuals. At Sii he’s also responsible for key areas such as Candidate Experience and Referral Program.

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