Our key strenghts



React and Angular developers



PHP and Node developers



HTML/CSS specialists



Java and .Net developers

Scalable cloud hosting solution

Scalable cloud hosting solution

(Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure)

Serverless approach

Serverless approach

Mobile first

Mobile first

and responsive web design

We cover different business areas

Identification and proper understanding of all user and business needs are an essential part of the solution design process. By engaging experts with different professional backgrounds, including application research and design, we can offer great user experience to a much broader audience.

What we work on:

  • Information architecture
  • UX/UI mockups and graphic design
  • Solution brief
  • Mobile features
  • Technical architecture

The entire application development process, including its implementation, is part of our services.

What we offer

  • HTML5/JavaScript applications designed for mobile and desktop
  • Custom-made or off-the-shelf content management system (e.g. Drupal) configuration
  • Integration with various data providers and analytics systems
  • Serverless or traditional computer power consumption
  • Cloud-based services configuration

We support our clients after the actual go-live, handling their requests and solving all app-related problems.

How we can help you

  • Modernization of the existing web interfaces
  • Security (e.g. OWASP top 10) and performance validation
  • Implementation of new business requests
  • Maintaining of domain knowledge
  • Continuous testing and delivery process
  • You-build-you-run-it approach

Our dedicated team takes full responsibility for the product delivery, from design through development to production release and later maintenance.

With continuous delivery and deployment automation, we’re able to release new modules whenever a business need occurs. The product backlog is arranged in priority order, from the most important task to the least important, based on the business value.

We follow latest technology trends and implement proven solutions into our clients products. By identifying bounded contexts and business capabilities, we design services and microservices always looking at both performance and scalability. Whenever possible, we take advantage of the existing solutions from AWS or Azure.

Removing the need for a traditional always-on-server component, we allow you to reduce operational costs. Using this approach, our team can focus on their core activities, not worrying about managing and operating servers.

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