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Model-based test automation enables resilient automation of tests in the case of over 160 technologies. It supports automation in the UI and API layers without scripts to deliver up to 90% test automation rates while significantly reducing the maintenance overhead. Our services include:

  • E2E test automation
  • Improved test coverage
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • CI/CD integration

Risk coverage optimization shifts focus from test coverage to risk coverage and aligns testing activities with business priorities. It reduces the number of test cases and maximizes business risk coverage for testing process optimization. We will support you with:

  • Testing taking into account business risks
  • Risk coverage optimization
  • Top risks coverage with fewer test cases
  • Eliminating redundant tests
  • Test vs requirements mapping

We help you build an independent testing environment with appropriate functionality, test data, and configuration. Service virtualization simulates the behavior of dependent systems that are difficult to access or configure for testing. It is commonly used when tests need to interact with dependent system components that are:

  • Unreliable, evolving, or not yet completed
  • Beyond your scope of control
  • Not readily available for testing
  • Challenging to provision/configure for testing
  • Not feasible to use for automated regression testing

With Sii you can create, manage, and provision data required for testing. You also speed up the testing process, reduce data preparation time, and eliminate redundancy using anonymized production or synthetic test data in the project.

  • Production data masking providing easy access to realistic test data in accordance with GDPR
  • Simulation of data types and ranges that are rare in the case of production data

You get a chance to accelerate test automation of E2E processes by introducing model-based test automation that supports:

  • Over 160 technologies
  • Test automation for SAP
  • Test automation for Oracle, ServiceNow, and Salesforce
  • Other popular enterprise applications
  • BI & DWH testing

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