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Painting technology

We programmed robots painting car bodies of reputable brands

With the scale of, products and systems provided by one of the world’s leading suppliers services mainly for the automotive industry and the use of innovative solutions, the company was looking for a proven and experienced technology partner operating on an international scale. Thus collaboration with Sii was established.


Sii engineers are the authors, for example, of software and drivers to the transport systems for paint shops and software for robots installing sealing and applying paint on the bodywork of cars of the biggest brands in the world. In practice, these solutions have contributed not only to improved quality of production of vehicles, but increased the general performance of factories by running additional painting lines, automation and streamlined logistics. In addition to large-scale activities, the project itself was also technologically advanced, among others, in the use of Siemens or RFID products.

The company had been the first customer of the team, which gave the beginning of the Competence Center Engineering during past years. The projects of automated paint shops were the first realization in the field of automation that we process. It required us to build a unit with a new specialization from scratch. Skills required from engineers involved in these projects are not only connceted with PLC controllers commonly used in industry, but also with extensive knowledge of electrical engineering
comments Paweł Łusiak, Service Delivery Manager, Sii.

Paint shops in Asia and South America with running transport systems

Used technologies:

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Shopping in a modern form

We have built the largest group buying platform in Denmark

Sweetdeal is the largest group buying platform in Denmark, which is used every day by thousands of users. To increase sales and competitiveness on the Danish market, the owner of Sweetdeal, the company Berlingske Media, has decided to entrust Sii the creation of a product to strengthen relationships with customers by means of an innovative digital portal.


The new e-commerce platform is to serve primarily as a modern point of sale of goods enabling the company’s business partners to add new products to the offer in an easy and transparent way. Sii engineers were responsible for the entire process of building the system – from technical analysis, through the development of back-end and front-end, to testing and maintenance solutions. All this is based on the AWS cloud and Magento 2 platform – one of the most advanced solutions for online shops.


The commitment of the team with a wide range of competences and agile methodology of work has resulted in a platform responding to customer business requirements.

The customer is very satisfied with the results of the project, since the new platform will facilitate and optimize the sale of products, and improve cooperation with business partners. With the rapid migration of goods and users, we also managed to maintain business continuity of the company. For Sii it was another successful e-commerce implementation and a strong reference in the field of Magento, we also look forward to working in partnership with the client and are preparing for the implementation of the next project.
Jaroslaw Kleban, Business Manager, Sii
800 000

Unique users supported by the platform

Used technologies:

When it comes to human life

We co-create safety systems for the New York subway

More than 1.5 billion people a year use the New York subway. Their safety is in the hands of Polish engineers from Sii.


The LIRR project, carried out for the Canadian transportation company Bombardier, aims at improving the efficiency of fault diagnosis and safety of railways in New York. Sii specialists are responsible, among others, for the DMS system collecting data from different devices in the railway infrastructure of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and the Metro-North Railroad. It is equipped with modules reporting and alarming of dangerous incidents associated with the movement of trains and processing information from monitoring devices. As a result, passengers can feel safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

One of our tasks is to check whether a train failure has been processed and recorded in the system and an alarm has been triggered. If the DMS does not work correctly, detecting failures on the railway line will be difficult and may lead to an accident. Human life is at stake, so we need to make sure that the system will respond properly in any problematic situation, even those that the client is not able to predict - says
Dawid Wielgos Junior Test Engineer from LIRR Team, Sii
1.5 bilion

Users of the New York subway

Used technologies:

Combination of fashion and innovation

We are developing a life cycle management system for sports products

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of footwear and sportswear was looking for a partner able to deliver tailored solutions. Sii engineers over the years have gained the trust of the clothing giant which has decided to entrust the company with the implementation of a key project – the creation of a product lifecycle management system.


In order to outperform the competition, the company entrusted Sii the creation of advanced technology solutions to support the design of completely new sports products.  The product lifecycle management system designed and delivered by Sii supports users in the process of ordering elements necessary for the production of shoes, and also allows to track the associated investment. With the new system programmers, designers and product managers can work on ideas from the initial concept stage, through prototype to the final product which is available on store shelves. Currently, all the tasks performed for PUMA are more than 50 engineers from Sii who in their work use a variety of technologies – from Java, the .NET and SharePoint to the Microsoft Business Intelligence.

Crucial for us is that Sii can provide high-expertise project teams within a relatively short time. Their engineers are experts in their respective fields and contribute to our projects valuable, goal-oriented input and a vast experience,
says Kurt Walther, Senior Head of Global IT, PUMA

Engineers involved in all projects implemented for the client

Used technologies:

Robot in the role of tester

We designed an automatic touch screen testing system

Bombardier is one of the largest companies specializing in the manufacture and construction of aircraft, locomotives and rail, tram or subway cars. For more than 70 years it has been developing and improving the transport networks in the world. Thanks to the successful cooperation, Sii gained the status of a trusted partner of the company and now supports its dynamic technological development.


One of the most important joint projects is the screen testing system. Sii engineers created a special robot prototype to automate touch screen control processes, for instance in trains manufactured by the client. The cooperation involved not only the design of its mechanical components, but also the implementation of the platform for communication with the client (PC), streaming audio and video as well as web interface implementation. As a result, users can now enjoy intuitive and efficient screens.

This task required us to join forces of specialists from several fields. Close cooperation of mechanics, electricians, electronic engineers, embedded programmers and web developers has resulted in the development of a complete solution from scratch. The project of this type was pioneering for Sii, but has not caused problems in implementation and we are pleased with its results.
Piotr Chodorowski, Software Engineer, Sii
3 250

Square millimeters is the surface area of a printed circuit board

Used technologies:

A new dimension of entertainment

We develop software for a media center

Satellite navigation, full synchronization with mobile devices and above all your favorite music in high quality sound, and it’s all available in an interactive car cockpit. Thanks to Sii engineers driving pleasure enters a whole new level.


Experts from Sii faced with the challenge of creating a central unit for a multimedia system for a leading manufacturer of premium cars. This technologically innovative project involved, among others, the construction of software components and integration with existing systems, third-party and open-source libraries, as well as the gradual development application in terms of functionality. This prototype solution provides high-quality entertainment in the car through the use of multiple technologies and tools such as C++, Linux (Yocto), Xen hypervisor.

We have s very fruitful cooperation with Sii, which provides us with specialized project teams consisting of engineers who know what they are doing. Also, the flexibility and responsiveness of Sii is very important for us.
Waldemar Borek Engineering Group Manager
4 milion

Cars of a well-known brand with a new multimedia system

Used technologies:

Technology in the service of health

We created software for real-time DNA image analysis

What Nobel Prize winners, CSI and technology have in common? The common denominator is the activity of Qiagen which with its solutions contributed to a revolution in biotechnology. Sii also has its contribution to work on modern solutions for medicine as it supported the client in the process.


Sii engineers have created a concept for the development of software for DNA image analysis in real time. With the use of C++, Java and .Net, the application in a simple and transparent way allows us to analyze large data sets. This system helps to quickly diagnose diseases and determine the most effective treatments. This is particularly important in urgent cases where immediate diagnosis can contribute to saving life and health of patients.

NGS is a product of strategic importance for QIAGEN and has the potential to revolutionize the approach to the diagnosis of cancer in the 21st century. “IT experts from SII who work on this product provide a valuable contribution to the future success of our company.
Grzegorz Smolinski, Head of Software Development Wroclaw
5 000+

Hours worked for the client

Used technologies:

Secure electronic payments wherever you are

We are building management systems for payment terminals and transaction services

Ingenico is a French company which provides technologies and products needed to support electronic transactions. With the support of Sii users can make secure cashless payments in stores and online.


The core business of Ingenico is based not only on the production of POS payment terminals, but also involves the development of complete payment software and related services, including systems for retailers. However, a completely new and challenging business goal set before the company was to design modern solutions to improve both planning as well as the production process and operation of the company service centers. The knowledge and experience of experts from Sii have resulted in the development of applications supporting terminal lifecycle management – from manufacture to implementation, e.g. in a store. At the same time planning and volume of production of equipment in factories were optimized. Ingenico customers now can enjoy secure payments and wider availability of services throughout the world.

The key to the project is the unique culture of team work and relationship with the client - fully based on trust and close cooperation. It created an unprecedented synergy and spirit of this group, which called itself COMMANDO TEAM. And this team has provided the first production version of the portal of critical importance for the client in record time of 6 months.
Emil Kozlowski, Service Delivery Manager, Sii
30 mln.

Terminals supported by the portal provided by Sii

Used technologies:

The digital dimension of education

Digitalized textbooks for students in Norway

Gyldendal is a leading Norwegian publishing house being a leader in the use of innovative technologies in the world of science. The company is responsible for educational materials for thousands of young Norwegians. This time, however, the company needed an adviser to help in one of the biggest challenges in the history of the company – creating digital, interactive textbooks for primary school pupils.


Sii has been selected as a strategic partner supporting the digitization project. In practice, thanks to the new system tested for mobile devices, pupils and teachers can use textbooks and educational materials at any time from anywhere in the world. The Sii agile team of engineers was responsible for the migration of outdated Flash-based solutions to modern technologies which are suitable for long-term development of the solution in the future. The publisher can also meet the expectations of educational institutions entering into a new era of science.

Our partnership with Sii allows us to dynamically scale our business, at the same time guaranteeing a high level of competence of our partner in different areas. Communication is key to any collaboration. Our geographical and cultural proximity to Sii is crucial in building trust and understanding our needs as a client – both at the management level as well as in our daily work.
Peder Skou, Head of Product Technology, Gyldendal
700 000

Students and teachers using digital textbooks

Used technologies:

Programming in the automotive industry

We programmed engines and gearboxes assembly lines

ThyssenKrupp System Engineering is one of the largest suppliers of solutions and components that are necessary in the process of automation of the manufacture of automobile bodies and components for the automotive industry. The cooperation between ThyssenKrupp and Sii began in 2012. Over the past six years of cooperation Sii has built a team composed of more than 70 engineers carrying out projects for this client.


Sii engineers have extensive experience in creating and implementing software systems commonly used in industrial applications. At the moment, we are responsible for electrical designs, PLC programming and commissioning of industrial robots and production lines for the largest companies in the automotive industry, such as General Motors, Volkswagen, Ford and BMW. With the involvement of such an experienced partner, which is Sii, one of the largest suppliers of components for the automotive industry improves its competitiveness and project efficiency.

During the implementation of projects our experts are faced with many challenges such as the high volatility of technology, and this requires continuous improvement of qualifications. ThyssenKrupp appreciates the skills and commitment of engineers from Sii, stressing that the level of efficiency of services provided by our company is a key factor in the success of projects and our differentiator from the competition
Julian Kur, Business Manager, Sii

Projects for ThyssenKrupp

Used technologies:

logo_sick logo_siemens
Your house as smart as you

We create smart homes based on the Internet of Things

Today, home is not just a family atmosphere. It has to be comfortable and practical, and most importantly functional, which is provided by intelligent systems co-created by Sii to improve the quality of life and to support the environment.


Projects implemented by engineers from Sii together with one of the leading suppliers of solutions for smart homes involve the integration of multiple indoor units with the basic system as well as work on an application for the local system server and user interface. With software developed by Sii, clients can use the new functionality of the system and effectively manage their homes. In addition, experts from the Embedded Systems Competence Center also conducted development tests and maintained the high quality of the organization of the system, adapting it to the new standards of the C++ environment.

The project is very interesting because of its potential for integration with multiple platforms and systems available on the market. The cooperation between the two companies has evolved very effectively, leading us to a position as the largest supplier in the area of the Internet of Things for our client. With our support, the client can continue to develop its products and services, and be competitive with existing solutions. I believe that the key to the success of this cooperation are engineers with relevant expertise who strongly emphasize their company's policy
Wojciech Drescher, Business Manager, Sii

Services and platforms integrated with our system available on the market

Used technologies:

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