Course objectives

Preparing participants for working as a qualified Java developer.


Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field Java software development such as:

  • installation and configuration of the Java developer environment
  • writing programs in Java; use of popular libraries
  • organizing code into modules and packages
  • software testing methods; reasons for most common mistakes
  • comprehensive file system support
  • handling of different data sources
  • processing of XML and JSON structures
  • regular expressions; terms Lambda; handling of streams
  • multithreaded programming; best practices and advanced techniques
  • most common mistakes and reasons for system failures
  • use of tools, techniques and software

Sii recommends taking part in the training as it:

  • is the richest and most comprehensive training program on the market – fully preparing for obtaining qualifications in the field of Java programmer
  • gives the possibility of working on practical tasks (case studies) using IT tools/programs
  • has qualified staff members: trainers working as Java developers able to transfer practical knowledge and share considerable experience
  • opens the opportunity for employment at Sii after completing the course (applies to private persons and not the employees of corporate clients)
  • Sii being a reputable, reliable partner with a strong market position
Training scope
  • Day 1
    Installation and configuration of the development environment
    Introduction and scope of training
    Basic concepts
    Java basics
    Basics of object-oriented programming
    System environment and i/o operations
    Error and exception handling
    The most common mistakes in Java
  • Day 2
    Classes, objects, interfaces
    Static elements
    Object model
  • Day 3
    Generic types
    Packaging classes
    Design patterns
  • Day 4
    Lambda functions
    streams and streams actions
  • Day 5
    REST / SOAP Web Services
    Multi-threaded programming
    Creating JUnit/TestNG unit tests
  • Day 6
    Relational databases
    Fundamentals of data modeling
    SQL language fundamentals
    Creating Compound Queries
    Using SQL in the Java Persistence API and ORM

The “Become a Java developer” course is addressed to:

  • people who do not have experience and degree in IT
  • students and graduates in different fields
  • people willing to change profession
  • other people who want to have a future in the profession of developer / programmer

and people working as developer / programmer , interested in:

  • consolidating their knowledge of Java-based software development
  • deepening their knowledge of Java programming

The number of participants: 8-12 people

Duration: 6 days

Available language: PL

Available course material: PL

Course form
Presentation, workshop, exercises, discussion, and practical tasks (case studies) using IT tools/software.

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