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Dynamic development

The largest technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO and engineering services vendor in Poland since 2006

Headcount growth
Revenue (M PLN)

Revenue per industry
Headcount growth
Revenue (M PLN)
Revenue per industry

Revenue, profit, taxes (M PLN)

20221 90626014%495238133272
20211 38618613%543830105227
20201 02013914%36282282167
SINCE 2006 TOTAL7 79494911%4182042046911 516

We share the profits with Workers

This year our workers received additional PLN 3 200 per person. The total cost of this new benefit is PLN 23 M.

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Thanks to our great performance & growing revenue, we are paying increasingly higher taxes across the entire country. Personally, as an individual living and working in Poland, I also pay my taxes (PIT) here. Our workers and I are extremely proud and happy to contribute to the development of the country we live in. However, as a large enterprise, we also expect positive relationships with the Polish authorities: a liberal approach to business, flexible labor law, reasonable tax rates (e.g. ZUS, CIT, PIT), establishment of fiscal laws and regulations that encourage development, as well as proper handling of administrative issues. All this will allow Poland to sustain a clear competitive advantage over other countries in the world.

Gregoire Nitot, Founder and CEO of Sii Poland, owner of 30% shares in Sii Poland
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Sustainable development (ESG)


We conduct our business activity with the utmost care for all stakeholders and sustainable development. The company is built on solid ethical principles, reflected in Sii’s 14 values. All our actions are based on the principle of equal treatment of all people, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  

Being a part of SII Group, we have our CSR approach audited in France every year. For several years now, SII Group’s activities in this area have been recognized as advanced, and in 2024, it was awarded the EcoVadis Gold medal.   



Our Policies and Declarations

Constantly striving for improvement

Ideas for changes in the Polish law

The aim of this document is to signalize the difficulties and obstacles that service providers
in Poland, including Sii, have to face and propose changes in the Polish law.

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