Our key strengths



of various technological domains

Scalable team & skillset

Scalable team & skillset

throughout the solution development lifecycle

Best-in-class engineers

Best-in-class engineers

familiar with multiple IoT platforms, channels (device, web, mobile, enterprise)

We cover different business areas

By using IoT services and looking at data more holistically, organizations can keep up with the pace of changes in their industry. Sii provides cloud integration of business processes as well as other solutions, which helps your company grow and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Data collection & scaling
  • Data storing (hot & cold paths)
  • Data analysis & transformation
  • Security
  • Application development & maintenance

We allow you to extend the functionality of edge devices by creating custom applications and bridging between IoT and legacy protocols. Taking into account your needs, Sii teams develop IoT devices with a variety of sensors and communication protocols that are integrated into diverse IoT platforms. This is done with an emphasis on data security and encrypted communication.

You can rely on our experts in many areas.

  • Device development
  • Connectivity
  • Integration
  • Security & quality assurance
  • Tailor-made solution development

With our support, you can improve production operations, identify patterns, and predict issues before they happen based on IoT data delivered through rich visualization and turnkey solutions. Real-time data insights and interactive analytics make it possible to accelerate data use in your organization.

We have a broad experience in different fields.

  • Analytics platforms
  • Data collection & streaming
  • Secure data lake functionality
  • IoT data monitoring
  • Real-time sensor data visualization, IoT predictive analytics & patterns recognition

We can help you to connect with enterprise applications, legacy systems, cloud services, and infrastructure, as well as manage and support IoT devices throughout their lifecycle. By using our knowledge, experience, and set of best practices in the implementation of complete solutions aimed at protecting connected IoT devices, you prevent cyberattacks on different levels.

Sii services include:

  • Server infrastructure preparation
  • Network (cabling\security\S2S VPN)
  • Hardware implementation
  • On-site hardware installation & configuration
  • Cloud solutions environment setup (Azure, AWS)
  • 1st line support
  • Platform maintenance automation
  • Authentication & security management

Sii experts address your testing needs and setups performing all necessary quality assurance activities and measurements to place your IoT applications and devices on the market as quickly as possible. Controlling both quality and performance in all phases of the product lifecycle, we ensure its high reliability and fast time to market. Our offering involves testing of IoT implementation across multiple subsystems, devices, interfaces, and applications to handle all requirements and challenges associated with validating IoT applications and devices. Device-to-device and device-to-cloud connectivity, interoperability validation, and cloud security validation are also included.

We offer:

  • Test automation
  • Mobile apps testing
  • Continuous testing
  • Test management

Focusing on machines and production lines, their vertical and horizontal communication, data analysis, and intelligent process control, our team allows you to transform your factory into a smart one. Sii provides a full range of tools for a successful implementation of technology in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0.

We offer:

  • Process digitalization
  • Existing process analysis
  • Factory management digitalization

By expanding and scaling IoT strategies with Salesforce IoT, you can easily decide which pieces of your streaming event data to combine with Salesforce client contextual data to create relevant, proactive service opportunities and engaging customer experience. We allow you to turn data into action by identifying significant events from high volumes of data and triggering and automating near real-time output in any of core Salesforce clouds or a third-party service.

We offer:

  • Business needs discovery and process analysis
  • Architecture and solution design
  • Existing processes and solutions optimization
  • Process automation (no-code/low-code)
  • SF Mulesoft integrations

Support in the area of:

  • Salesforce analytics/force.com
  • Salesforce Einstein analytics
  • SFDC platform, IoT cloud
  • Salesforce GDPR compliance, Salesforce Shield
  • Salesforce lightning SFL

We connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the SAP Cloud Platform for scalable ingestion of sensor data as well as IoT device management and connectivity. With our SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things offer, you can use a broad variety of IoT services and protocols to manage the device lifecycle, from onboarding to decommissioning.

  • Connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the SAP Cloud Platform
  • Bridge the gap between legacy and IoT protocols
  • Integrate with other service delivery platforms
  • Future-proof your applications with a semantic data model
  • Secure and scalable data ingestion
  • Enable end-to-end enterprise-grade security
  • Keep data secure with sophisticated encryption
  • Provide policy-based access and control for multiple users
  • Flexible and reliable message processing
  • Handle incoming messages based on your specific use case
  • Activate multiple processing services
  • Configure granular processing of messages from devices and metadata events

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