Our key strengths


certified Scrum Masters, Agile PMs & Agile Coaches

4+ years’

average experience in Agile


as an Agile company


300+ projects for 130+ clients

We cover different business areas

Each Sii client is considered individually. We’re aware that becoming an Agile organization requires constant development and revision of the way it operates. Our Agile assessment entails gathering data on where agility works and where improvements are needed. Also, a quick look is taken at your company’s Agile maturity. This helps shape the transformation strategy and achieve your goals.

Taking part in numerous large-scale projects and working with clients from various business sectors, we have learned how to solve all Agile-related problems. Our consultants share best practices in Agile and help implement them in your company.

Our team consists of experienced:

  • Agile practitioners
  • Scrum masters, Agile PMs, DevOps specialists
  • Agile coach, Agile business coach

Being an Agile company itself, Sii is capable of developing a detailed transformation plan and supporting you throughout the entire process, including development transformation, Agile transformation, and business Agility transformation.

We can help you with:

  • Transformation roadmap
  • Scaling Agile
  • Company-wide agility: organization, departments, delivery teams
  • Agile approach optimization

We provide a wide spectrum of trainings in Agile and other related topics. Both internal and external clients are our target audience.

Sii experts, practitioners, and coaches conduct trainings and offer guidance on:

  • Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP
  • Nexus, LeSS, LeSS Huge, SAFe, Agile PM
  • Value stream structure, user story mapping
  • Servant leadership, efficient communication, soft skills

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