Mature processes & tools

allow us to meet our clients’ needs by providing
top-quality solutions and services

  • Flat customer-centric structure resulting in quick and straightforward decision-making
  • Mature, regularly reviewed and updated processes
  • Fast services delivery through effective distribution of tasks and competences within the company
  • Advanced, intuitive tools that can be used whenever needed, regardless of location
  • Flexible cooperation models adjusted to the client’s needs
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates confirming the highest standards of quality and safety

How Sii is structured



Gregoire Nitot

Founder and CEO,
owner of 30% shares in Sii Poland



Joanna Kucharska



Tomasz Książek



Ryszard Pytko



Krzysztof Krężel



Michał Kopczyński



Katarzyna Stromecka


Shared services: centralized business units, including own staff, processes, and technologies, servicing the entire organization
  • Accounting
  • Administration & Billing Department
  • Communication
  • Financial & Business Controlling
  • HR & Retention
  • IT / Business Applications
  • IT / Infrastructure Management
  • IT / Service Desk & User Support
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Office Management
  • Payroll & Worker Administration
  • PMO
  • Procurment
  • Recruitment
    Wojciech Dreja

    Wojciech Dreja

    Recruitment Director

    More than 70 Recruiters support Hiring Managers in the search for specialists who carry out our projects. Thanks to best practices and highly qualified teams, we interview more than 1 000 candidates and hire about 140 new experts per month.

  • Security Officer
  • Treasury
Regions, countries & industries: independent units forming a whole in terms of organization, offering services and developing sales for specific sectors and locations
  • Automotive, rail & aeronautics
  • Hi-tech, electronics & industrial engineering
  • Financial services, banking & insurance
  • Public & Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail, logistics & consumer products
  • Warsaw
    Marek Hewelke

    Marek Hewelke

    Regional Director

    Sii Warsaw

    The Warsaw branch has operated since Sii’s establishment in 2006 and currently employs almost 1 000 specialists. Our engineers support clients from the banking, financial, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy and public sectors.

  • Katowice
    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Regional Director

    Sii Katowice

    Experts from Katowice have built the biggest Sii branch in our region. There are already more than 300 people in our team. We cooperate with international companies from the banking, railway, automotive, industrial, automation and robotics sector.

  • Gdansk
    Michael Desmurs

    Michael Desmurs

    Regional Director

    Sii Gdansk

    With more than 1 000 engineers and highly qualified specialists on board, we’re the third largest IT employer in Pomerania. Sii Gdansk holds the prestigious Common Criteria certificate, confirming compliance with the most rigorous security procedures for information protection.

  • Rzeszow
    Tomasz Eberbach

    Tomasz Eberbach

    Regional Director

    Sii Rzeszow

    We offer not only a broad range of IT services but are also strongly developing mechanical and electrical engineering services. Our teams specialize mostly in Java, .NET, Web Development as well as C/C++/Embedded.

  • Wroclaw
    Tomasz Omiecinski

    Tomasz Omiecinski

    Regional Director

    Sii Wroclaw

    We are a team of more than 500 specialists. Our projects cover a wide range of topics, from real-time DNA analysis, through 5G and IoT communication and on-line transactions handling to data management and machine learning.

  • Czestochowa
    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Regional Director

    Sii Czestochowa

    Engineers at Sii Czestochowa deliver projects to clients from the automotive industry, mainly in the AUTOSAR architecture. The solutions that our specialists work on are implemented by major international car manufacturers.

  • Poznan
    Natalia Buczel

    Natalia Buczel

    Regional Director

    Sii Poznan

    Sii’s branch in Poznan has been operating since 2010. It is a workplace for over 400 experts carrying out projects for clients from around the world, including those from the banking, financial, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Pila
    Natalia Buczel

    Natalia Buczel

    Regional Director

    Sii Pila

    The office in Pila is the second Sii’s site in Greater Poland. It is a workplace for IT and engineering specialists who work on projects for leading brands from the automotive industry as well as the pharmaceutical and banking sectors.

  • Krakow
    Szymon Dziubek

    Szymon Dziubek

    Regional Director

    Sii Krakow

    Established in 2011, Cracow Sii branch has over 500 specialists. In Cracow we deliver projects in such technologies as Java, .Net, Xamarin, iOS, Android, JavaScript, C++ and C/C Embedded and our clients are leaders of the banking, tourism, telco, industrial automation and automotive sectors.​

  • Bydgoszcz
    Anna Boruszkowska - Becmer

    Anna Boruszkowska - Becmer

    Regional Director

    Sii Bydgoszcz

    Projects in Bydgoszcz are implemented using technologies such as: Java, .NET, web and mobile technologies as well as C/C++/Embedded. They are also focused on testing. Our experts cooperate with global brands from various sectors.

  • Lodz
    Maciej Topczewski

    Maciej Topczewski

    Regional Director

    Sii Lodz

    Our team of over 300 experts focuses on financial, retail and hi-tech sectors, as well as international clients, especially from Switzerland. We are the only company in the region that boasts the Great Place to Work title won six times in a row.

  • Gliwice
    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Regional Director

    Sii Gliwice

    Sii Gliwice experts are engaged in joint projects for international clients operating in various sectors. Our interdisciplinary teams are an answer to the market needs in the area of Industry 4.0, and, in particular, machines and IT systems integration.

  • Lublin
    Artur Palac

    Artur Palac

    Regional Director

    Sii Lublin

    With a team of over 500 specialists, we are the second largest IT employer in Lublin. Our clients include major Polish and international players from various industries. In Lublin, we are also responsible for the development of internal solutions.

  • Bialystok
    Artur Palac

    Artur Palac

    Regional Director

    Sii Białystok

    Our engineers carry out projects for international clients from the banking, medical, consumer goods and high-tech industries. Our team consists of Java, AEM, .NET and Front-end developers as well as testing and embedded specialists.

  • Switzerland
    Maciej Topczewski

    Maciej Topczewski

    Country Business Lead


    We are currently cooperating with 8 clients included in the list of TOP 30 Swiss companies. Our clients value our One-Stop Shop strategy – especially Microsoft365, BI, SAP and ServiceNow solutions.

  • Iceland
    Marek Hewelke

    Marek Hewelke

    Country Business Lead


    Our cooperation with Icelandic customers lasts since 2017. They value the most quality of our services, abilities to launch new projects and services quickly and efficiently, safety of nearshoring model, and compliance with security standards.

  • Germany & Austria
  • Nordics
    Michael Desmurs

    Michael Desmurs

    Country Business Lead


    With 300+ engineers delivering services to 20 customers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland, Nordics are a strategic market for Sii. The geographical & cultural proximity with Poland giving access to Sii’s resource pool of 4 500+ engineers is the soil of successful cooperation with our partners.

  • Czech & Slovakia
    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Krzysztof Danilewicz

    Country Business Lead

    Czech & Slovakia

    On the Czech and Slovak markets, we are developing cooperation with clients from industries such as automotive, Hi-tech, healthcare, railway and e-commerce. Clients appreciate the services we offer in the nearshoring model.

Competency Centers: specialist units providing dedicated technological services, also offering sales support in the area of the offered solutions to all Sii branches
  • Digital
  • E-commerce
    Bartłomiej Kiermasz

    Bartłomiej Kiermasz

    Offering Lead

    With wide expertise within e-commerce and Customer Experience space, we help our customers to boost efficiency of digital sales and marketing processes. Our team combine deep e-commerce business acumen with experience in modern technologies.

  • Engineering
    Przemysław Grzanka

    Przemysław Grzanka

    Competency Center Director

    We offer customized industrial automation. With 150+ delivered international projects, Sii’s engineers are experienced in process automation, machines and turnkey solutions. Having a background in software development, we provide comprehensive Industry 4.0 solutions.

  • Embedded
  • Salesforce
  • Testing
  • Dynamics 365
  • IT Operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • SAP
  • Business Advisory & BPO
  • Microsoft 365
  • BI
  • Legacy Systems
  • Training
  • Agile & Atlassian

Mature processes make us the top provider

Sii Poland organization,

business processes & IT systems


Sales & pre-sales
  • prospection
  • leads and opportunities qualification
  • pre-sales and bid management
  • account business planning, up-selling, and cross-selling
Worker management and project allocation
  • consultants allocation, resource scheduling, and bench optimization
  • worker objective management and performance evaluation
  • salary management
Project & service delivery
  • project scope and deadlines management
  • project cost estimation and forecasting
  • analyzing competence required of project teams

Supporting processes

Internal IT applications
  • well-qualified testers and developers
  • internal application audits, development, and implementation
  • support and maintenance of applications used
Service desk & field support
  • IT infrastructure management
  • 24/7 first-line user support
  • over 150 support engineers
  • legal consulting and support
  • agreement preparation
  • ensuring compliance with the law
Marketing & communication
  • lead generation and building brand awareness
  • managing internal and external communication
  • online marketing and outdoor campaigns
  • 70+ recruitment specialists
  • vast, constantly growing 300 000-CV database
  • candidates recommendation program generating 30% of hires
  • bookkeeping and accounting
  • financial documents verification
  • annual financial statement preparation
Project administration & PMO
  • project and service management methodology definition and audits
  • thorough documentation
Payroll & worker administration
  • preparation of worker contracts and other documents
  • remuneration payment
  • work health and safety
Project administration and billing
  • working time reporting
  • invoicing and costs settlement
  • smooth documents flow
  • fixed assets management
Retention & HR support
  • worker objective management
  • skills matrix and competency management
  • building a strong sense of community among Sii workers
Office management
  • ensuring excellent working conditions
  • managing 40 000 m2 A+ office space
  • office design and customization
Quality management
  • business processes optimization
  • change management
  • quality control and improvement
  • equipment and application security
  • personal data protection
  • physical security, monitoring, and access control

Advanced IT systems support our work

Top-quality solutions and services

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