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Whenever possible, we create cloud-ready solutions. Such an approach:

  • makes production operations cost-effective
  • allows you to operate on a larger scale
  • helps to store and process data of the desired size
  • takes advantage of high-level services built on top of the cloud (like cognitive services)

Sii experts use MS Azure, AWS, and GCP to develop applications meeting industry standards. Thanks to our 24/7/365 assistance, the maintenance of any application is easy.

Our services cover not only custom application development, but also support throughout the whole application lifecycle, including: architecture, CICD, monitoring, backup management, maintenance, and cybersecurity.

Besides creating custom applications based on the public clouds of the top three providers, we offer services in the following areas:

  • Office 365
  • Dynamics 365
  • BI
  • Salesforce

Some systems are built on-premise, whereas others require modernization or already use the cloud, but only as IaaS. In all of these cases, the cloud can bring various benefits. We offer multiple approaches to cloud migration:

  • migration without code modification – usually the first step for on-premise systems
  • optimization of some parts of the system – carried out to improve its efficiency (depending on the needs: stability, scaling, monitoring) in the cloud
  • refactoring the application to become cloud-native – usually a long process during which the application keeps operating; business continuity is maintained and the application gets improved

For any type of migration, we begin by reviewing the application and proposing an appropriate action plan.

With our services, we fully support you in migrating and operating in both public and private clouds. However, transitioning to the cloud doesn’t have to be overwhelming because you can migrate gradually –phasing in workloads over time. Cloud also doesn’t mean an all-in involvement. Hybrid scenarios can be applied almost instantly. Possible scenarios:

  • new components of the system are built in the cloud while the old ones remain on-premise
  • computation-heavy operations are moved to the cloud without impacting other parts of the system
  • due to regulations data must be persisted in the controlled environment but some operations are made in the cloud
  • cloud enables complex top-level services like machine learning without impacting other parts of the system

The monitoring and analysis of solutions offered by Sii engineers allow you to optimize the used infrastructure while ensuring its easy availability and proper operation. Remembering about the quality and safety standards, we perform cloud integration, using resources from different cloud providers (multi-cloud strategy). As a result, our clients can carry out projects based on proven solutions. Also, our change management processes make it possible to update applications in accordance with the applicable SLA.

We develop comprehensive digital transformation strategies for clients. Our experienced team offers effective migration-to-the-cloud services, preceded by detailed audits. Preparing documents describing the architecture and cloud launch schedule, we ensure cloud adoption process security and minimize downtime risk. Sii engineers use autoscaling with the aim of making all offered solutions cost-effective.

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