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Business Process Management (BPM)

Sii provides technological and business solutions, which will help you and your organization optimize the work, realize tasks faster, manage changes safely and develop rapidly.
Thanks to our competences and unparalleled for the Polish market experience, we are able to support your company at every stage of its process maturity.


Our Services


  • Technological consulting

  • Analysis, process modeling and optimization

  • Audit and process recommendation

  • Proces implementation

  • Trainings

  • Implementation of technological platform

  • Implementation of integration services

  • Infrastructure preparation


We will be happy to help you improve processes in your orgaznization!

    • order management
    • customer service
    • offer and product portfolio management
    • complaint handling
    • client retention
    • flow of electronic documents

    • financial product sales
    • monitoring of securities
    • online leasing application
    • handling of credit processes

    • service sales
    • change of service supplier
    • service provisioning,
    • client retention

    • due date monitoring – receivables and payments
    • contract termination with service discontinuation
    • debt collection process

    • employee bonus granting and acceptance process
    • invoice circulation control
    • cost acceptance and settlement
    • handling of fixed assets
    • order flow and purchase control

  • Sales of goods and services

  • Banking and leasing

  • Telecommunication and media suppliers

  • Vindication

  • Finance and accounting


Our solutions


  • DMN – Decision Model and Notation

  • CMMN – Case Management Model and Notation

  • BPM – Business Process Management



We implement IT tools, which allow faster and more efficient functioning of your organization. We use tested tools, which intelligently support the implementation of process management in an organization.

We describe and implement business processes using the BPMN notation (Business Process Modeling Notation), extended by the CMMN standard (Case Management Modeling Notation). We implement solutions which automate the decision making process and the circulation and storage of electronic documents.


  • IBM Business Process Manager

  • Camunda BPM

Sii strengths

  1. Experience in implementation and development of BPM platforms in large organizations.
  2. Vast knowledge in the area of systems integration, SOA, microservices.
  3. Commercial and open-source solutions.
  4. More than 50 experts in the BPM, EAI, SOA area: business analytics, developers and solutions architects.
  5. Factual support in BPM scaling within organizations, and in digital transformation.
  6. Partnership with IBM as the IBM Premier Business Partner.