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Unified Control File

You need to know

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Finance, all enterprises are subject to the duty of reporting detailed data on their business activity. This duty will be introduced according to the following schedule:

  • Big companies – from July 1st 2016
  • Small and medium-sized companies – from January 1st 2017
  • Micro-enterprises – from January 1st 2018

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Reporting will be carried out according to strictly defined rules – through the Unified Control File (JPK). Not fulfilling this requirement will result in financial and organizational sanctions.

How to prepare your company, for the duty of providing the UCF (JPK)?


In order to address the needs of Polish entrepreneurs, Sii has prepared a solution for all types of companies – regardless of their size. The UCF (JPK) provides tailor-made solutions, meeting 100% of requirements of individual clients – from big companies with complicated and dispersed financial systems up to small and micro- enterprises.

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Our software supporting the UCF (JPK) is designed for all those looking for a versatile and comprehensive, yet easy to use tool, enabling JPK reporting.


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Our solution – JPK Platform

JPK Platform Functionalities

The solution offered by us allows to generate the following file structures:
  • Records of VAT Purchase and Sales: JPK_VAT

    recurring file, obligatory for big companies and for small and medium-sized companies from January 1st 2017;

  • Bank Statements: JPK_WB

    generated upon request of the Tax Office, obligatory for big companies;

  • VAT Invoices: JPK_FA

    generated upon request of the Tax Office, obligatory for big companies.

  • Warehouse Operations: JPK_MAG

    generated upon request of the Tax Office, obligatory for big companies;

  • Accounting Books: JPK_KR

    generated upon request of the Tax Office, obligatory for big companies;

How does the JPK work?

The JPK reporting process using the platform designed by Sii, is carried out in 4 simple steps:


Generating the JPK file


Technical Validation


Business Validation


File Sending

In addition, our offer includes:

  • Structure mapping

    Our analysts carry out a data compliance analysis and map the requirements of the UCF (JPK) with the company’s resources. In case of any doubts, we consult a legal solicitor.

  • Application maintenance

    We make sure that our clients have access to the latest versions of the programs, our offer includes the update of all 5 structures of the application.

Two cooperation models

The JPK platform can be installed in 2 different ways – on the client’s server on in the cloud. Both models guarantee full compatibility with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance and uninterrupted access to software updates.
jpk cooperation models

Why choose us?


Both the interface and functionalities of the offered JPK program, are exceptionally flexible and can be adjusted to individual Client needs. It is a custom made solution, taking into account individual requirements of each company.

Top quality

Our software for companies is a combination of technical and domain knowledge. The experienced 12-person team is made up of domain experts – IT specialists make sure, that clients have access to the latest technical solutions. Accounting and financial specialists make sure the application meets all the requirements of the latest laws and regulations.

Ongoing support

Our participation does not finish with the installation of the product. We lead our clients’ way through the maze of legal loopholes and changes in the ordinance.
We provide our advice and help. Our clients can be sure, that the solution we provide meets the requirements of the Ministry of Finance, which means that they don’t have to seek extra help from financial advisors.


Our team has carried out over a dozen successful implementations. Clients from various industry sectors have decided to take advantage of the services of or company.


We execute orders within 30 days, the JPK VAT file (compulsory from January 1st 2017) can be implemented in as little as 10 days.

A solution fit for all companies

Our JPK Platform enables the generation of needed structures for many types of companies.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions.


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Have you become interested in our offer? Would you like to know how Sii can support your business? We welcome you to contact us! Our expert will answer all your questions and help you select the best offer for you!
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