Are you looking for a powerful and easy-to-use CMS solution for your large company? If the answer is “yes” join us for our upcoming webinar on Umbraco CMS. Attendees will learn about Umbraco’s key features and capabilities and how Sii can help them implement Umbraco’s strategy successfully. We’ll also share some case studies of companies successfully using Umbraco to power their online presence. If you’d like to know how we build high-performant and scalable solutions using Umbraco, register now to reserve your spot!

📖During our webinar, you will learn:

  • What makes Umbraco different from other CMS solutions
  • How you can manage your distributed content efficiently
  • How this powerful CMS can help businesses drive growth and stay ahead of the competition


🕦 Agenda:

  • What is Umbraco and what makes it different from other CMS?
  • How your business can benefit from Umbraco?
  • Interesting facts and statistics
  • Q&A Session

  • Piotr Bach
    Piotr Bach
    Sii Software Engineer, Umbraco Expert
    Experienced .NET Consultant & Architect - graduated with a degree in Computer Science M.Sc. and Mathematics M.S. Since 2008, he has primarily worked on enterprise solutions using Microsoft's stack. Piotr had an excellent track record for delivering high-quality software projects on time and within budget. He enjoys everything web-related, with a special love for Umbraco CMS, .NET, Azure, and SEO.

Why you should join?

Experienced speaker

long-time practitioner

Live coding

useful tips and practical know-how

Q&A session

ask your questions directly


The webinar is organized by the E-commerce Competency Center operating as a part of Sii Poland. With 7 500+ specialists, Sii is the largest technology consulting, digital transformation, BPO, and engineering services vendor in Poland. The unit specializing in E-commerce systems is:
• hiring 200+ skilled specialists in e-commerce solutions with 50+ AEM experts

• running projects for world major companies like Berlingske Media, Tikurilla, Happy Socks

• offering e-commerce integrations with payment providers, ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft), CRM (Salesforce), PIM (Akaneo, inRiver), analytical tools, logistics services, warehouse

• providing end-to-end commerce solutions, expert advisory and audits

• transforming web application into headless approach

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