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Go Live of the New SiiPortal

In the beginning of August we implemented a new SiiPortal – corporate intranet built on the SharePoint platform. Compared to the old one, the new portal includes many new features as well as a new graphic design.

It serves as a place for all Sii Power People, combining features of an information portal with a platform facilitating the exchange of knowledge and discussion. It has much more social features than the previous version, engaging employees to communicate, exchange experiences and opinions. Features related to sharing news and information about corporate events are much more interesting. For our engineers, we created technical forums, so-called “communities”, to exchange technological and industry knowledge.

The portal is also a space for all the applications Sii employees use in their daily work. Self Services site is a very important feature of the new site, which provides access to all Sii applications in one place. Everybody may apply for accession to a mailing group or submit a request for leave here. It is as well a place to work together and exchange documents with workflow functionality.

For everyone at Sii, the new Sii Portal therefore serves as a command center for your own career, a place to exchange knowledge with colleagues, as well as a community!

Tabs featured on the new portal include: New Sii, containing the latest developments and information, Photos with contacts to all employees, Photo Galleries, Sii Stars –  star gallery, describing the award-winning Sii employees, Events Calendar, Official Documents, Communities, that is, forums for exchange of information and experience, Trainings & Development, Information about Sii, and Newsletters.

Implementation of the new Sii Portal is an important project for Sii, carried out by the SharePoint team at internal IT as well as business representatives from HR and administration

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