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With the end of 2016, we officially closed the celebrations of Sii’s 10th anniversary in Poland. In the past decade our company grew to 3823 employees, 9 Competency Centers and over a 247 Clients from all over the world. There was and still is a lot to celebrate, therefore we have celebrated our birthday for the entire year! And this is not the end of surprises!

Last year our company organized a film competition, thanks to which even more people got engaged in the 10th anniversary celebrations. Do you remember? The authors of the most creative wishes presented in the form of short films, won a trip to a chosen European capital. One of the winners decided to share his memories from his trip. This relation you may find below!

AND IN 2017…


WATCH SII BIRTHDAY MOVIE! "Sii - road to success 2006 - 2016"

Results of Sii contest MEET THE WINNERS

Meet Karol. In our competition he won a fabulous weekend in a chosen European capital and decided to go to Rome! Karol, thank you very much for your photo relation! We truly hope, that you will think of Sii, each time you recall your trip :)


Best movies

Watch two awarded movies! Congratulations!

Best movies


Check how we have developed


From 1999 to 2000 Gregoire Nitot is an Erasmus student at Warsaw School of Economics. During that time, he decides to open his own company in Poland in a near future. He returns to Paris for several years, but the dream is still sprouting…

Gregoire Nitot
history greg
The first office Sii
warszawa first headquater

After creating a business plan in 2005 and conducting talks with three companies, Nitot chooses Sii as his co-investor to set up an IT company in Poland. In January 2006 he registers the company in Warsaw. The first office is located at Szpitalna 1 and has 35 m2.

Greg engages a first employee

Monika Rachwalska
monika rachwalska

Monika Rachwalska – as an office assistant for issues concerning organization, administration, recruitment, etc. After 10 years, Monika is still part of our team as Financial Services Director at Sii Warsaw.

One of the first engineers employed at Sii is Tomasz Klamrowski, who joined in February 2006. After 10 years, Tomek is Service Delivery Director and manages over 300 people, working for one of the biggest clients – a world leader in the production of microprocessors.

Tomasz Klamrowski
tomasz klamrowski

First person in the Sales Department

Krzysztof Krężel
krzysztof krezel

In July, Sii is joined by the first person designated for sales – Krzysztof Krężel, who is later promoted to Business Unit Manager after Sii created Business Units.

nitot krezel

Later on he becomes Branch Director at Sii Warsaw for many years. After 10 years at Sii, he is promoted to the position of Chief Operations Officer.


Recruitment Kick-off

Joanna Kucharska
joanna kucharska

In March, Sii is joined by the first person responsible for recruitment – Joanna Kucharska. After 10 years, she is the HR and Communication Director, and the recruitment team is composed of over 50 people.

Accounting kick-off

There are more and more employees and documents, so Sii engages an external accounting company, and shortly afterwards it is joined by Elżbieta Bartnicka, the first person responsible for this area.

Elżbieta Bartnicka
elzbieta bartnicka

In September the sales team is joined by Michael Desmurs.

In December Sii wins the first Team Leasing project in its history, carried out for Gemalto – it is to be managed from the Sii office.

Michael Desmurs
micheal desmurs
Hostel on Targ Rybny Street in Gdańsk

gdansk hostel

When Greg comes to Gdańsk for recruitment meetings with engineers, he meets them in prestigious Mercure Hotel, but – cutting the costs, he sleeps in cheap hostel on Targ Rybny Street


Launch of the Gdańsk branch

In January Sii opens its office in Gdańsk – the second branch of Sii in Poland. In our first seat, located at ul. Heweliusza, we rent the area of 35 m2. The manager of Gdansk branch is Michael Desmurs. After 10 years, Michael still manages Sii in Gdańsk – now the branch has over 600 employees.

In the first years of the company, each new employee is awarded funds for their own office desk which they assemble by themselves and prepare the entire work station. The employees also buy computers and the necessary equipment.

Launch of the Gdańsk branch
branch gdansk

New team members

Ewa Lisawa-Sztandor
ewa lisawa sztandor

In January the team is joined by Ewa Lisawa-Sztandor – our first Finance and Administration Director. After 10 years, Ewa still works at Sii as Chief Administration and Procurement Officer.

In February the company employs Katarzyna Stromecka, responsible for HR and payroll – she will soon become Head of Department. After 10 years, she is the Quality, Business Process & Lean Manager, and her responsibilities include definition of business processes, their optimization and introducing changes in the organization.

Katarzyna Stromecka
kasia stromecka

Due to the extremely fast development, the number of issued documents grows rapidly. Since 2006, all invoices have been issued as xls files. In February Sii buys Symfonia Handel, an application that is to help the company to keep up with its own growth.

The team is growing extremely fast. In may 2008 Sii Poland has 100 employees, and in December already 150. 

At the end of 2008 we decide to design our own dedicated system for HR and recruitment management – we start to create the application called HeRoes.

Growing back-office team
lisawa team
Gdand Prix 2008 CCIFP
grand prix 2008



Sii is a member of French and Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP). In 2008 Sii gets a special Grand Prix Award for its dynamic growth in a category of small and medium companies.


New branches and departments

Judyta Witkowska
judyta witkowska

In May 2009 we create the Financial Controlling Department, whose work is initiated by Judyta Witkowska – after 10 years she is the Controlling Manager. The department will dynamically develop in the next years.

Job fairs in Wrocław 2009
wroclaw targi pracy

In July the first engineer starts working in Wrocław – Sii creates its third branch in Poland.

For its development from the very beginning have been working Anna Harmacińska responsible for recruitment in Wrocława, now Sii Recruitment Manager, and Paweł Maksymczak – Sii Wrocław Director till now.

200 people in Sii

Integration weekend in Wilkasy 2009wyjazd integracyjny 2009

In November the Sii team includes more than 200 people.
This is much more than was written in initial business plan. In 2006 Gregoire Nitot planned employment growth for three years: 8 people in the first year, 15 in the second year and 30 – in the third one. In 2009 Sii had a team of 200 people!

The Internal IT Department is developing dynamically. In December, due to the development and growing infrastructural needs, Sii launches over ten virtual servers.


Systems IT

In 2010 the Internal IT Department introduces a range of solutions that make our work easier and allow further development. In January we launch ServiceDesk+ and implement processes based on ITIL methodology. We develop the 1st and 2nd line of user support.

In June the Service Desk Department provides the Exchange program, and in July we introduce thee VoIP and BlackBerry BES systems.

eu projects logos


In September 2010 Sii wins its first European Union project: “Development of IT Centre is Key for Implementation of New Business Solutions”, which lasts until September 2012.

In September 2010 Sii already has 300 employees. In October we open a new office in Poznań – our fourth branch in Poland.

poznan mapa

Pre-Sales & Delivery kick-off

graph rozwoj dzialu projektow

Between 2010 and 2015 PSD Department has been leading more and more projects and developing very fast.


In November 2010 we create the Pre-Sales & Delivery Department, preparing itself to provide advanced IT services. Sii is becoming more and more mature and gradually introduces new service models: in 2006 we started from less advanced outsourcing of IT specialists, then we introduced the Team Leasing, and now we can carry out managed projects and services.

In 2010 we launch the Legal Department, managed by Sebastian Myszczyński.


New branch in Cracow

In February we create our 5th branch in Poland – located in Cracow. The first office is in the House under Singing Frog (Kamienica pod Śpiewającą Żabą). 

New branch in Cracow
krakow first headquater

Employment growth

In January Sii has more than 400 employees. The following months bring extraordinary growth: in May the number of employees exceeds 500, in July – 600, and in October the number of our Power People is already more than 700.


2012 liczba pracownikow en

IT systems

In January we launch First Time – our own application for working time reporting, created by or engineers.

At the beginning of the year, we also go live with HeRoes, our web system, as well as the first Intranet portal for all the employees, called eaSii. We also develop the infrastructure used by the company – we already have several dozen virtual servers based on VMWare virtualization.

Organizational changes

In April we make a big change in the functioning of the Warsaw branch – the sales structure is divided into Business Units specialized in sales of services for particular sectors: Banking, Telco, Financial Services.

In April 2011 we create the Public Relations Department, managed by Joanna Kucharska.


New branch in Łódź 

In March we create our 6th branch in Poland – located in Łódź. The first office is situated in the city centre, at ul. Piotrkowska 89.

First Sii office in Łodzlodz first headquater

The second European Union project

In February we win another EU project: “Development of IT Centre is Opportunity for Growth of IT Service Potential” – this decides that we create a new branch, in Lublin. The project is to last until November 2015, and then should be extended for at least 5 more years.


eu projects logos

Important numbers


In January Sii has 900 employees. In August the number of employees exceeds 1,000, and at the end of the year – 1,200!

In June the Accounting Department issues the sales invoice no. 10,000. In 2012 our annual turnover exceeds PLN 100 million.

In September we launch the Marketing Department – Sii engages Emilia Iwińska, who is now Head of Marketing & Sales Support.

2012 wykres en

Best Place to Work in IT 2012

2012 audit 2

In December, Sii wins its first “Best Place to Work in IT” title, based on an independent survey among Sii employees concerning their job satisfaction. Over 50% of interviewed employees are enthusiasts – the most valuable team members, who undertake additional initiatives and who motivate others.

2012 audit


New Resource Center in Lublin

In July we open another Sii office in Poland – the Resource Centre in Lublin. Our first office in Lublin is situated in Gray Office Park, the office space is 70 m2. The branch includes 5 employees. Already in September, the Resource Centre in Lublin moves to a modern office in Nord Park, located at ul. Szeligowskiego 8. 

Sii office in Lublin

We decide to invest in the public sector and launch the new Public Business Unit.

In August Sii has 1,300 employees. The branches are growing dynamically: in October the team of Sii Cracow exceeds 100 people, and Sii Gdańsk already has over 400 engineers. Also the Poznań branch beats the employment record – 100 people.

2013 wykres en

CRM implementation


In April we implement the CRM system called SiiRM, which supports both the sales and the entire process of recruitment, candidate management and employee management. In the midyear we introduce Lync – a program for internal communication.

Best Place to Work in IT 2013

In December, second time in a row, Sii wins the “Best Place to Work in IT” title, based on an independent survey among Sii employees concerning their job satisfaction. 

2013 audit


New branch in Katowice

Spring brings other changes in our branches. In April Sii opens its 8th branch in Poland – in Katowice. In May the Łódź branch moves to a more modern, post-industrial office building located at ul. Kopcińskiego 77.

Sii office in Katowice

In February we already have over 1,400 employees, and in May – 100 more. We reach magic numbers in our branches: in summer the Resource Centre in Lublin has over 100 employees. In September Sii Gdańsk already has 500 engineers. In October the team in Wrocław exceeds 300 members.

2014 wykres en

Structural changes

Krzysztof Krężelkrzysztof krezel

In 2014 the Pre-Sales & Delivery Department is moved to the global structure as Global Pre-Sales & Delivery. Krzysztof Krężel is no longer Director of Sii Warsaw – he is promoted to the position of GPSD Manager, and later works as Chief Operations Officer. Marek Hewelke is promoted to be new Branch Director.


Marek Hewelke is promoted to be new Branch Director.

Marek Hewelkemarek hawelke
Tomasz Książek
tomasz ksiazek


In March we divide the Controlling Department, creating the new Treasury Department. November brings another change: Tomasz Krążek becomes the new Financial Director, and Ewa Lisawa-Sztandor – Administration & Purchasing Director.

In Gdańsk we launch new services in the area of mechanical and electrical engineering. Robotics, Mechatronics, or Industrial Automation open new opportunities for Sii – especially with foreign customers. The key role in the new area is played by Przemek Grzanka, who started his work at Sii as business analyst, and now is Head of Engineering Services.



IT systems


In April we introduce an ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and issue first invoices using it. In April we also start working on another important system – Business Intelligence platform. After SiiRM is implemented and thoroughly tested, we close HeRoes – our previous own application for recruitment and HR processes.

In 2014 the Łódź branch initiates the first conference, addressed to programmers and .net technology enthusiasts. It is participated by more than 300 people from all over Poland. The second edition is held in the same year, organized by Sii Gdańsk.

Awards and certificates

2014 audit

In December we win the “Best Place to Work in IT” title for the third time in a row.

Also in December, the Gdańsk branch successfully passes the Common Criteria audit and is awarded the prestigious IT security certificate.

Sii office in Gdańsk
gdansk common criteria


Resource Centre in Łódź

Sii office in Łódźlodz

In January we create another unit in Łódź – the Resource Centre, providing services for the other Sii branches on the same basis as Lublin Resource Centre.


2015 audit

In January we win another “Best Place to Work in IT” title, awarded by Computerworld. In March we also win the “Great Place to Work” competition, which is also based on an independent external employee satisfaction survey.

Employment growth and reorganization

2015 wykres en

In March Sii already has 1,800 employees, in September the number exceeds 2,000, and in December – 2,300.

In April our financial results include “practices”. This results from the centralization of our structure – we finally establish “practices”, being competence centres specialized in dedicated services.

In November we have 11 practices: BPM/EAI, Digital, CRM, ERP, IT Infrastructure, Engineering, MS SharePoint, Application Development, Service Desk, Training Services, Testing Services

IT systems

March also brings some changes in IT and Marketing. We launch a new website in a new domain: At the same time, we start a new dedicated website,, with the possibility to apply on-line.

The Internal IT Department has almost 80 members and includes the whole Service Desk, which provides 1st and 2nd line support from Lublin. In March we also have 300 virtual servers, 100 network devices and 30 physical servers in IT.

2015 service desk


10 years of Sii


  • Movie with instructions
  • Example of wishes

Everyone could participate in „Wish Sii a happy birthday” and shoot a short movie with birthday wishes for Sii! All videos were posted online and viewers could vote for their favorites. Two of the most creative videos won! 

The main award was a trip to a chosen European capital for two.

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