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Digitalization of HR processes – how our apps based on SAP Fiori enabled paperless documentation workflow

Magna, one of the largest manufacturers of car parts in the world, faced the challenge of reducing the high costs of document circulation and HR applications in its Polish branch. At the end of last year, Sii created applications aimed at streamlining the process and improving the efficiency of personnel management of the company’s employees.

Magna is a global leader in the car parts manufacturing field, with plants in 29 countries and over 170,000 employees. The company’s clients are Tesla Motors, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, and Toyota. Without digitalization of ​​HR processes in one of the Polish factories — Magna Formpol — it was necessary to manually enter information into the system, so reports and work schedules were often not fully up-to-date and the handling of paper applications became ineffective. To solve current problems and improve data processing in HR departments, Sii consultants and developers began working on a solution based on SAP Fiori in order to completely eliminate the need for paper documentation.

SAP Fiori is the latest version of the SAP interface, providing the users of both local and cloud solutions with the same user experience. The philosophy behind this solution is Design Thinking, i.e. focusing primarily on delivering quality and comfort, thus making the business user experience a priority. This approach to the application development process results in a consistent, responsive, and intuitive user environment for performing everyday tasks.

The great advantage of SAP Fiori is that its implementation doesn’t require the latest version of the SAP system based on HANA, and the cost of running the environment itself, as well as the time of service, leads easily to the return on this investment.

The implementation of new applications resulted in completely removing paper HR documents from documentation flow in one of the Polish Magna factories. The system created by Sii consists of two working panels: “manager’s menu” and “employee’s menu”. The information presented on the main application’s cockpit is assigned directly to the user’s role, so it’s intuitive and eliminates errors by limiting the views only to the necessary functions. The scope of implementation included standard SAP Fiori applications for HR, which were adapted to the specific client’s requirements. Additionally, the Sii team created dedicated Fiori/UI5 applications from scratch for processes and requirements that were not supported by standard SAP applications, such as: an application for requesting holidays and reporting absence, an application for requesting a day off, an application for overtime management, a team calendar with a work schedule and a report for HR and Payroll teams dedicated to improving the acceptance of working time records.

─ The solution we proposed was entirely based on the SAP system already implemented in Magna Formpol. Both us and the customer wanted the applications to be implemented as soon as possible, without disturbing the organization’s work ─  says Adrian Gola, Director of the SAP Competency Center at Sii. ─  We also made sure that the project was carried out comprehensively. Our solution involved customer support at every stage, from designing, configuring Fiori and SAP HR, through the creation of dedicated UI5 and ABAP applications, a configuration of roles, user trainings, and support after the launch of the applications ─  he adds.

The transition to the interface displayed in the browser and the responsiveness of applications resulted in easy access to data regardless of the device — applications are adapted to desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Each employee of Magna Formpol thus gained the opportunity to process their applications using a mobile phone, as well as info kiosks located in the plant.

─ The solution proposed by Sii contributed to increasing the efficiency of the HR department work. Without the need to manually enter data into the system, employees’ potential was released. What’s more, the modern user interface facilitated introducing new employees to the field of HR self-service and significantly improved the comfort of their daily work ─ Adrian Gola sums up.

Do you want to find out how you can improve the work of your organization with SAP solutions? Check out the SAP Competency Center offer.

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