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Over 2 500 recommendations a year – Sii Poland employees show initiative to use the referral program

The “Recommend a Friend to Sii” program is becoming increasingly popular. Over 2 500 recommendations are submitted to the Sii recruitment team annually. Only in 2019, owing to the recommendations, almost 500 specialists joined the company.  

It has been 10 years since the start of the “Recommend a Friend to Sii” program. Currently, approximately 35% of newly employed workers come from the referral system which generates the largest number of employees in the company. An internal survey conducted among employees recommending friends to Sii shows that motivations to recommend are different  great atmosphere, a conviction that Sii is a good employer, as well as willingness to help others find a better job. 

– The referral program is not just the advantage associated with financial bonuses. First of all, it is an opportunity to build Power People community with friends. The combination of fantastic atmosphere and people you want to be with every day is very encouraging – says Maciek Szałapski, Junior Delivery Manager at Sii Polska. 

People who were once recommended to work at Sii, in turn recommend their friends who support project teams with their skills. 

– Having started my career in Sii 7 years ago, I was both a recommended and a recommending person. I remember a day when during a casual conversation with a colleague who already worked at Sii at the time, I mentioned that I would like to change my job. Then, for the first time, I heard about a program that makes it possible to recommend candidates for work. After a few days I was invited to a recruitment interview, in which it turned out that I had sufficient knowledge and experience to join the team. I started a new professional adventure in Sii. After these few years, I can safely say that this is a place where I can both work and pursue my passions. I can always count on the support of my colleagues. I feel at home here – says Dawid Kiliński, Team leader. 

Thanks to the “Recommend a Friend to Sii” program, the company can also reach out to people who are not actively looking for a job. Satisfied employees are the most reliable Sii ambassadors.  

Specialists may also be recommended to work in Sii by people who are not employees of the organization. You can recommend friends to both technical and back office positions in the following departments: Sales, Recruitment, HR, Administration, Marketing or Accounting. In the case that a recommended person is employed, the referrer can receive a bonus of up to PLN 4 000, and in the case of urgent recruitment needs up to PLN 8 000. Friends can be recommended for a specific position or without determining a role. 

Do you know someone who is looking for new challenges and interesting projects? Learn more about the “Recommend a Friend to Sii” program here.   

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