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Sii Poland was established in 2006 and since then we grew from a small one-person startup company to a solid enterprise, employing more than 4,500 experts today.

We execute various technology projects for leading Polish and multinational companies. We support our clients within the scope of software development, IT infrastructure, product engineering, service desk, training, testing and consulting.

Sii is the Top IT and Engineering services provider in Poland. We are able to attain those unrivalled results thanks to the consistent observance of our strategic mission, 5 clear objectives and 14 core values, which in fact, reflect the heart and soul of Sii Poland.



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Sii Great Place to Work 2018
Sii Great Place to Work 2018
Road to success Sii
Road to success Sii
Siinspiration 2018
Siinspiration 2018
Summary of the financial year 2018
Summary of the financial year 2018
Best Sponsorship Program
Best Sponsorship Program
Best Team Leader
Best Team Leader
Best Sales
Best Sales
Best Client
Best Client
Siinspiration by Gregoire Nitot, CEO Sii Poland
Siinspiration by Gregoire Nitot, CEO Sii Poland
Sii Great Place to Work 2018
Sii Great Place to Work 2018
Road to success Sii
Road to success Sii
Siinspiration 2018
Siinspiration 2018
Summary of the financial year 2018
Summary of the financial year 2018
Best Sponsorship Program
Best Sponsorship Program
Best Team Leader
Best Team Leader
Best Sales
Best Sales
Best Client
Best Client
Siinspiration by Gregoire Nitot, CEO Sii Poland
Siinspiration by Gregoire Nitot, CEO Sii Poland
Power People

OUR OBJECTIVESBusiness Conduct Guidelines

  • 1


    EBT margin > 10%

  • 2



  • 3



  • 4


    above Market Average & winning against our competitors

  • 5


    pleasure from what we do

  • Profit: EBT margin > 10%

    Sii’s primary goal is constituted by generating profit and being financially solid. We strive for increasing the gross margin by 10% annually, which is for us a clear-cut objective. The profit enables our future investments for the benefits of our customers and workers, thus we spare no effort in achieving the ultimate goal.

  • Clients’ satisfaction

    Clients constitute the greatest value to us. They are the essential condition of our existence and development – it is thanks to them, we pay our salaries and bills. With any cooperation initiated, we are working towards establishing a long-term relationship based upon mutual trust and transparency.

  • Workers' satisfaction

    Workers constitute the key value to our company. We always act in a fair manner towards them, trust them as well as respect their ideas, critics, and improvement propositions. We provide our workers with great development opportunities, which in fact is written in our mission statement: “POWER PEOPLE – to identify and promote the best!”.

  • Growing above marketaverage & winning against our competitors

    We are focused on developing dynamically and being two steps ahead of the competition – simply, to be the Leader of our industry. We are the fastest growing IT & engineering company in Poland and we want to continue this outstanding performance. We have a strong will to fight for reputation of the best IT & engineering services provider on the market. We respect our Competitors – because we coexist together, learn from each other and develop ourselves together.

  • Fun

    We want to take pleasure and fun from what we do. Moreover, any success we celebrate together.


  • 1 Ambition

    Status quo doesn’t satisfy us – we constantly strive to be better, go further and above all we want to win against our competitors (it is main reason why we love this business so much!). We set ourselves ambitious goals and pursue them restlessly.

  • 2 Can-do-attitude

    Positive energy, optimism and enthusiasm is what defines us. Problems and blockers happen every day. We treat them as challenges always looking for new out-of-the-box solutions.

  • 3 Courage

    Leadership requires making tough decisions. We are not afraid of facing challenges, taking risks and facing the consequences of our choices. We always have the courage to express our opinion, even when it involves criticism against our subordinates and managers. To ensure long-term stability of the company, we are not afraid to make unpopular decisions.

  • 4 Engagement and Passion

    Our workers are the embodiment of passion, both at work as well as after hours. We are truly and deeply excited about work, people, technology and business. We love to learn and grow, and we do it with great enthusiasm reflecting our profound engagement, which we treat as an inseparable part of our daily responsibilities. We are fully dedicated to what we do and devoted to our company as well as the people, who constitute it. This motivates us to work effectively and deliver the best results every single day.

  • 5 Fairness

    We obey the fair play principles when dealing with our clients and workers and we treat them justly. We pay salaries, which reflect the objective average market value as well as the individual performance of workers. As to business partners, we treat them fairly by offering prices compliant with the quality we deliver.

  • 6Fighting Spirit

    We never give up and fight till the end! Whether at work or competing with our competitors, we strive to achieve our ultimate goal - being the best IT and engineering services provider.

  • 7 Flexibility

    Flexibility is the core of what we do, both when it comes to our business partners and workers. At Sii the client is the main focus. Our objective is to meet the clients’ expectations and requirements as well as adapt to their processes and tools in such a way so as to provide the best services possible. We offer the expertise of our consultants and engineers, whom we provide flexible employment conditions, the possibility of working from home, a vast range of executed projects and the opportunity to change their career path.

  • 8 Loyalty

    Regardless of the circumstances, we stay loyal to our company. We support each other in good and in worse times. We don’t quit when we face a problem, but instead we support each other in the quest of finding the best solutions. We identify with Sii’s goals and therefore we defend the company and our teams.

  • 9Modesty & Humility

    We are ambitious and confident in our abilities, but, despite our success and great performance since establishing the company, we have not become arrogant. We remain modest and humble with the ability to accept mistakes and failures as we know we are not always right. We accept constructive criticism, which to us is as a means to development. We know we have a lot to learn from our colleagues and clients as well as competitors. Despite our dynamic growth, we keep in mind that our good financial situation may change.

  • 10 Quality

    Quality is our priority! We take the utmost care to ensure its highest level in cooperation between different Sii departments and units as well as in collaboration with our customers, partners, suppliers. On a regular basis we meticulously verify and evaluate our activities using satisfaction surveys as well as internal and external audits.

  • 11 Respect

    At Sii we are all equal. Regardless of position, age, sex, religion or any other factors, we respect each other. We listen to others and are tolerant of different opinions – what is more, we recognize them as our greatest assets. We listen to others and respect different opinions – what is more, we treat diversity as an advantage.

  • 12 Team Spirit

    A harmonious team is our greatest asset. We know it is hard to deliver great quality services alone and that we can achieve much more as a team. While working together we exchange opinions, which allows us to grow stronger together. Moreover we do not let our individual differences distract us from what we, as a team, aim for. Despite constructive conflicts between team members, we always look for compromise and put the benefit of the majority in front of individual interests. We are not afraid to part ways with people, who have a negative influence on our joint performance. We believe it gives us advantage and is the engine for further growth.

  • 13 Transparency

    We spare no effort to constantly keep our clients and workers well informed. We avoid political correctness and despite the consequences, we openly communicate our opinion and criticism in any situation, even when it may offend someone.

  • 14 Trust and Freedom

    We strongly believe that mutual trust is an essential attribute of any relationship. We have confidence in our workers and delegate our decision power to lower hierarchical levels. Thanks to the autonomy we provide our experts with, the decisions are made quicker and more effectively. Our team is powered exclusively by people, whom we are willing to trust with such responsibility without a doubt.

Responsible Business

At Sii we appreciate mission, objectives and values. Respect, which is one of them, is reflected in the attitude towards people but also environment we prosper and engage ourselves in varied social events. If you would like to find out more about our activities in the areas of CSR, please download our Report for 2017, where we describe in details our initiatives.

Sii Executive Team

Top Management


  • Ryszard Pytko

    Ryszard Pytko

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Ryszard has been working for Sii Poland since February 2011 – it is then, when he started the preparations for the opening of Sii's fifth branch in Poland (in Cracow). Under his leadership the department thrived and in 2016 won the award for the best Sii unit – awarded each year during the Management Weekend. His actions also led to the development of Sii in Katowice. In March 2017, Ryszard was promoted to Chief Commercial Officer and is currently responsible for the sales strategy, processes and management, as well as supervising Recruitment, Marketing, Communication and the Delivery Centers. Work is his passion and source of satisfaction.
    Prior to joining Sii, Ryszard ran his own business in another sector. He spends his free time with his daughter Tosia. He also likes to swim and ride the bike.

  • Gregoire Nitot

    Gregoire Nitot

    Founder & CEO

    Gregoire Nitot is the founder of Sii Poland, its CEO and unique board member. He owns 30% of the shares of the company. Author of the blog https://gregoirenitot.com
    In 2000 Gregoire Nitot came to Poland as an Erasmus Program exchange student at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). After a few years he came back with an idea of launching an IT company. In 2005 he started looking for potential investors and chose Sii France. In February 2006, in Warsaw, Sii Poland was launched, with Gregoire’s initial investment of 100 K EUR and a 200 K EUR loan from Sii France.

    For more than a decade now Gregoire has made sure that the company grows and operates smoothly. This is possible thanks to implementing only the most necessary procedures and maintaining a decentralized client-oriented company structure. Decision-making at Sii Poland is fast and devoid of unnecessary bureaucracy.

    Gregoire Nitot is a keen observer of the market and the changes in occurring in the business environment. Each year he implements pioneering ideas and adjusts organizational structures of the company to the requirements of business, the clients and employees. He takes on more and more ambitious challenges – he creates new business units, Competency Centers, branches. Thanks to similar steps, in a bit over a decade of operating on the market, Sii Poland has evolved from a one person company to an industry leader, employing more than 3000 specialists and generating a yearly revenue of 500M PLN (118 M EUR).

    To Gregoire it is the people and so also their satisfaction with the work they do, that are the biggest value. This is why he pays utmost attention to one of the areas considered key in the company – Human Resources. Gregoire loves people which shows in his individual approach to persons working for the company.

    The CEO of Sii spends his free time with his family – his wife and four children. He loves sports, especially sailing, windsurfing, tennis, football and cycling. When tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, Gregoire escapes to his house in Kaszuby.
    In 2016 Gregoire obtained Polish citizenship.

  • Tomasz książek

    Tomasz Książek

    Chief Financial Officer

    Tomasz joined Sii Poland in September 2011 as a Financial Controller after several years working for major international IT companies. In October 2013, he was appointed the Financial Controlling Manager. Since then, he manages the Financial Controlling Department responsible for the overall financial reporting, calculation of bonuses, cash and bank account management. In 2014 he was promoted to Chief Financial Officer position.
    Tomasz graduated from the Warsaw University. He loves diving and long distance travelling, ideally combine these two things in the same time.

  • Krzysztof Krężel

    Krzysztof Krężel

    Chief Operating Officer

    Krzysztof Krężel has been in the industry of IT and professional services for more than 15 years. He works at Sii since 2006 – the beginning of the company’s operation in Poland. He has occupied the position of Account Manager, Business Unit Manager and Operating Director of the Warsaw branch. He assumed his current position of Chief Operating Officer in 2014 and is now responsible for i.a. the area of consulting, system integration and managed services. Krzysztof is a graduate of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, he has also finished an Advanced Management Program at the IESE Business School.
    Privately he is a father of two daughters. He spends his free time training aikido, paragliding and studying foreign languages.


Sii Poland shareholders: Gregoire Nitot – 30% , Sii Group – 70%


Sii France was established in 1979 in Paris and since 1999 it is quoted on Paris Stock Exchange. The great success of its first international investment – Sii Poland – encouraged Sii France to accelerate its worldwide expansion through conquering new markets. Presently, the Group operates in 15 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia offering robust, high-end business solutions, which in 2018 brought the company revenue of 631.4 mln Euro. The company’s strict adherence to high standards of work is confirmed by prestigious certifications eg. ISO 9001, CMMI.