What you get

360 Security audits

to evaluate how your system is prepared for withstanding a malicious attack

Extended secure lifetime

of the released products

Mitigating risk

by a factor of 10 thanks to a design-centric approach

Fulfilling certification

criteria in security-demanding industries

Meet our experts

Security assurance services

Security strategy is the foundation of any secure solution. Our experts ensure complete, end-to-end security of your product by:

  • Identifying security assets
  • Predicting threats
  • Executing threat modeling and risk analysis (asset-loss probability and asset-loss impact)
  • Selecting relevant security standards

The resultant security strategy document becomes a handbook and guide for further design, development, and validation of your secure product.

On top of the solid, strategy-based security foundation, we offer comprehensive, security-design services, finding them crucial for further implementation of security-related features:

  • Defining product long-term security goals
  • Defining security requirements
  • Defining product security features
    • Countermeasures protecting assets against threats
    • Based on state-of-the-art solutions
    • Cryptography

The implementation of bulletproof, multi-layer security solutions is a matter of experience in combining:

  • HW security measures
  • SW security measures
  • Coding quality standards
  • Secure coding style

Our embedded engineers combine all that with the mature process including source code security reviews and full features traceability.

Even a properly designed and implemented product can be improved in terms of security. During the security-hardening process, our experts focus on:

  • Differences from the initial design
  • Verification and validation input (including pen test results)
  • Deep, end-to-end source-code security reviews
  • Security hardening
  • Re-configuration and adaptation of security features

As a result of security hardening, you get the multi-layer update of the already implemented secure solution.

Your existing products may require evaluation to ensure that they are still sufficiently protected against new and potential security threats. In such a situation, Sii Security Architects review:

  • Product design documentation (including security design if available)
  • Source code
  • Dedicated development process set-up and tools
  • Validation reports

The result of the security audit of your product can be either a list of recommendations to be implemented or a detailed security updates plan.

Sii’s substantial expertise in creating secure products and solutions is worth tapping into. Our security specialists, experienced in delivering training sessions, can help your teams to:

  • Gather unique, hands-on experience in a secure coding style
  • Understand cryptography concepts and implement them in your products

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