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After solution deployment, we provide our clients with professional support during the maintenance and further development of IT systems. Depending on their expectations, these services can include the 1st and 2nd line and be available from 8/5 to 24/7.

Sii teams adjust the development method to the client’s vision and culture. We can work using an agile and fixed or waterfall approach. In response to your needs, our experts created a software development methodology that defines standards for solution development at Sii. Sii Engineering Methodology describes the most important areas of the solution’s delivery, i.e. requirements management, quality control, and development standards, as well as guides people engaged in the development on how to proceed taking into consideration best practices gathered from the industry and Sii’s own experience. This framework ensures uniform control over the process.

Having broad experience in delivering custom-made solutions to enterprises, we can support you through a wide range of consulting services. Sii experts help you with the choice of technology, provide advice on the architecture, or audit the already implemented tools.

We set up development teams that build turnkey solutions. Our specialists design, deliver, and maintain dedicated solutions, as well as take care of the software development process from end to end. Sii project team does not only consist of A-class developers, but also a delivery manager, architect, business analyst, and testers.

Sii experts develop the following types of applications/systems: web, mobile, desktop, application plug-ins and extensions, mainframe, non-visual system components (like background workers, integration services, etc.).

Our teams have experience in the development of on-premise and monolithic systems as well as modern SOA or microservices, in the case of which the cloud replaces the infrastructure. Thanks to that, it’s possible to manage complexity and operate on a global scale, which would be unattainable without the use of DevOps methodology.


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