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Discover the new capabilities of Microsoft Viva consisting of the following modules

Viva Connections

By connecting your SharePoint intranet to Microsoft Teams, you gain the capability to generate a dashboard featuring emphasized items and showcase valuable resources.

Viva Insights

Properly review your daily schedule, time for your own work or meetings with your team. Stay on track, but find time to relax to avoid professional burnout.

Viva Engage

Strengthen relationships among employees by fostering connections through storytelling. Cultivate communities that promote diversity, shared interests, and collaborative business initiatives.

Viva Topics

Allows grouping of content and information into a system of interconnected issues. All the organization's specialized knowledge organized in one place.

Viva Learning

A learning center where employees can discover, share, recommend and learn from a comprehensive content library accessible across the organization. Use multiple courses from third-party providers, such as Pluralsight, LinkedIn, any many more.

Viva Goals

Create, manage, and align workflows using the OKR methodology to effectively align employee tasks with the goals and vision of the entire organization, thereby accelerating the pace of business and providing a clear pathway to success.

Viva Pulse

It enables leaders and managers to seek feedback and respond to it effectively. By utilizing research-backed templates, teams can quickly share their experiences and suggestions, while reporting features help managers identify what is working well and areas that require focus.

Viva Glint

Viva and Glint together support organizations in gathering valuable employee feedback and transforming detailed information into actionable insights, making it easier for managers and teams to measure and improve the work environment.

What you gain

Prioritized communication and culture by consolidating relevant content and values within apps that facilitate daily interactions.

The ability to easily allocate time for skill development by providing easy access to content that encompasses in-house training materials and external resources.

Improved productivity that enables employees to gain insights into how they effectively allocate their time and concentrate on the tasks that hold the highest significance for them.

An enhanced connection and alignment between employees and the organizational objectives by linking employees' daily tasks and individual goals to the broader mission of the entire company.

The challanges of the hybrid/remote work model

Adapting to the workplace

of business decision makers are considering redesigning work environments

of employees want to continue using flexible remote options

of employees would like to spend more time with co-workers

Digital overload

weekly meeting time increased 148 % and rising

66% more people are working on Office documents year over year

the number of emails sent increased by more than 40 billion

the number of team chats per person increased by 45% and continues to grow

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EXP platform benefits in hybrid/remote work model

42% of employees are more likely to stay in their current job if they are offered comprehensive mental health and well-being benefits


increase in personalized environments


increase in employee satisfaction


improved KPIs


higher return on investment in EX tools/resources


lower cost of new employees


faster product development and innovation

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