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19.10.2022 - 20.10.2022

5:00 pm Europe / Warsaw

Get ready for the second edition of Get Digital Summit – a unique two-day conference addressed to developers, architects, testers, leaders, and all Java technologies enthusiasts!

Join our online meeting, full of high-quality content and practical know-how presented by the best international experts!

Our first special guest – Bruce Eckel will deliver a presentation on Smarter Types with Records.

Soon we will reveal the name of our Mysterous Superstar and other Speakers of Get Digital!

Stay tuned!

Special Guests

  • Bruce Eckel
    Bruce Eckel
    Software engineer, author, consultant and trainer in programming languages
  • Mysterious Superstar
    Mysterious Superstar
    Best-selling autor, programming expert and mentor

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Bruce Eckel, MindView President, Java and  C++ Expert

Smarter Types with Records

A type defines a set of values. Historically we haven't been very good at using encapsulation to ensure that objects stay within that set of values. This presentation introduces a functional approach to Java type design, using Java's new record keyword to guarantee that each constructed object is a legal value. Your code improves dramatically because now you validate the object in one place, at construction. Because record fields are automatically final, an object cannot be morphed into an illegal value. Such a typed object never needs to be re-checked by any function that receives it as an argument or returns it as a result.

Mysterious Superstar, bestselling author, programming expert and mentor

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