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Get ready for Get Digital Summit – a unique two-day conference addressed to developers, architects, testers, leaders, and all .NET and Microsoft technologies enthusiasts!


Join our online meeting, full of high-quality content and practical know-how presented by the best international experts and Microsoft MVPs:

  • Day 1

    Julie Lerman, Vadim Peczyński, Greg Young

  • Day 2

    Piotr Stapp, Dariusz Bruj, Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

Special Guests:

  • Robert C. Martin
    Robert C.
    Software engineer, bestselling author
  • Greg Young
    CQRS and Event Sourcing expert

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It's avaliable to watch on-demand at your convenience.



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Day 1

Julie Lerman, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP

Living with Your Legacy

While we all want to work on shiny new software with shiny new technology, the reality is that many developers and teams are stuck maintaining legacy systems. While typically these systems continue to work, maintaining them can be painful. Yet the cost of replacing the old systems with new ones is unimaginable and financially untenable for many companies. How do we deal with this situation without abandoning our clients who are not yet candidates for rewrites or even for lift and shift? A long-time software veteran will share some of their own experiences and tips for keeping clients' businesses running while slowly helping them evolve to modern times, blending modern software practices into ancient systems.


Vadim Peczyński, Sii Poland

Microsoft Azure - Introduction to Cloud Services *

Managing cloud services is currently one of the most in-demand skills in the IT market. But what exactly is this cloud and what does it offer to the developers? In this talk, Vadim will point out the pros and cons of using Microsoft Azure, share some real-life examples (however, not all of them have happy endings), and explain what to watch out for. You will also learn how to start your own Microsoft Azure certification path.

Greg Young, CQRS and Event Sourcing Expert

Why Event Sourced Systems...Failed

Concepts of Event Sourcing and CQRS (Command and Query Responsibility) focus on the best possible understanding of business processes and their representation in the software. In his speech, Greg Young, who coined the term CQRS, will share his experience on how Event Sourcing and CQRS may help teams to improve the performance, scalability, and the security of applications and how to achieve the best possible benefits at a low operation cost.

Day 2

Piotr Stapp, Microsoft MVP

The Azure Champions League in a Month *

Try to imagine the following situation: let’s assume you are a senior architect/chief designer / or “who must not be named”. One day your manager comes in and tells: “Our salespeople succeed! We make an app drawing ticket for the Champions League finals!”. You take a deep breath, look at the calendar and you already know - there’s only a month to deliver the project. In the presentation, Piotr will point out the components that could be used in such a situation, explain all the aspects of recursion, and answer the question of whether Azure is always the best solution.

Dariusz Bruj, Sii Poland

What I miss about DDD? *

DDD (Domain Driven Design) has changed the approach of IT teams to conversations with businesses, and it also influences the process of software development. However, in our everyday chase for the best results, teams tend to forget about the basic rules. In this talk, Dariusz will answer how DDD (with a little help from popular tools) can facilitate the development of high-quality software.

Robert C. Martin, bestselling author of Clean Code Handbooks series

Expecting Professionalism

In this talk, Uncle Bob transports you into an alternate reality where he is your new CTO. This is what he expects from you. As you listen, notice how reasonable these expectations are to customers and users. Notice also how impossible they appear to programmers.

* Presentations in Polish

And there's much more!

Why you should join us:

Discounts on courses

Get attractive discounts on Sii experts' trainings

Extra content

Get an access to the best lectures and selected content

Unique prizes

Get books signed by Robert C. Martin



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