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What used to happen in Vegas… now happens online. In the recent years, I’ve had the pleasure to attend a series of onsite editions of what used to be known as the Atlassian Summit. Like many other events in the pandemic reality, the ecosystem’s premier conference shifted online and now become Team ’21, a 100% digital experience.

Where it lacked in social interactions, Team ’21 certainly gained in the pace at which news and broadcasts could be consumed. There were no energetic crowds, red carpets or lit up stages, but there was plenty of quality content for everyone – developers, creators and innovators of every industry. What’s best, all of the resources originally broadcast on April 28-29th 2021 remain available on demand until the end of the year. So if you missed it, you can still grab your pass and tune into all of the online content from your couch (Atlassian Team 2021 – Digital Experience) Or just browse through Atlassian’s key product news and announcements made during Team ‘21, which I’ve highlighted below.

Where great ideas become amazing products: Point A

Bringing Atlassian development teams into close collaboration with users, Point A is a recently announced program dedicated to growing the Atlassian product portfolio in the spirit of modern teamwork. It’s focused on speeding up the development of solutions, as well as leveraging Atlassian’s investment in its cloud platform, to deliver cross-product capabilities.

Each new Point A product – from its alpha release to final market availability stage – will be evolving with customer feedback, ensuring that the end solution meets user needs by addressing the most important work challenges. Here are the first five new products from the program presented before the general public and described in Atlassian’s own words:

  • Jira Work Management enables business teams to move work forward by being the one place where they track, coordinate, and manage their work with structure and consistency. With new functionality built for the unique needs of non-technical users, Jira Work Management enables teams such as marketing, HR, finance, and design to manage their projects and connect with their technical counterparts. With Jira as the backbone, work flows seamlessly across the organization.
  • Halp, a recently acquired product, is a modern ticketing help desk that seamlessly integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, making request management conversational and delightful for everyone throughout an organization. It fits naturally with faster, more informal styles of managing internal requests, adding just the right amount of process to keep teams in sync and work flowing.
  • Jira Product Discovery is the new product management tool for agile teams. It helps product managers build what matters by serving as the place to capture insights and opportunities, prioritize impact, and engage teams around product plans – from discovery through delivery. Jira Product Discovery is available as an early access alpha release.
  • Compass gives software development teams a bird’s eye view of the digital services across their organization, connecting engineering output with the teams that support it in a single, trusted place. Through Compass, development teams can manage the sprawl resulting from distributed architectures, improve their processes, and adopt better ways of working together. Compass is available as an early access alpha release.
  • Team Central serves as an organization’s connective tissue, helping teams connect and communicate progress as frequently and frictionlessly as modern work demands. It enables teams to create an organized home where they can track goals and share status updates. Team Central also provides a methodology that fosters a culture of openness, which enables teams to make more rapid progress against their goals. Team Central is available as a beta release.

Humans at the heart of teamwork

But Team’21 wasn’t all just about product news and announcements. The promise of being a “premier conference for exploring the intersectionality of teamwork, humanity and tech” – I love the slightly sci-fi vibe of this slogan on the event’s page – was delivered in the form of thought-provoking talks and presentations on new ways to unleash team potential. To me, one of the most inspiring sessions was the discussion between Dominic Price, Atlassian’s Work Futurist (what a truly XXIst century job title!) and Daniel Pink, the bestselling author of Drive, When and To sell is human. During their Conversation on modern work and teams, the two influential speakers touched on lifelong learning, reverse mentorships, procrastination, the Pomodoro technique, and YouTube, among other topics. They underlined the importance of effectiveness over productivity and highlighted the need for relieving creative work from the relentlessly results-driven culture.

In his event-opening keynote Atlassian Co-founder and Co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes pointed out that “(…) Work as we know it has changed in the past year. There’s no going back”. Exactly how the post-pandemic reality unveils is yet to be seen. But there’s no doubt that whatever the future may hold, unleashing the potential of every team – with the right tools and skills on board – is what we need today to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The content of this blogpost is based on the official Team ’21 press release from Atlassian.

Magdalena Zacharczuk

Consultant @ the Agile & Atlassian Competency Center | Sii Poland. Marketing & project professional, agile aficionado, software enthusiast. Constantly learning and passionate about products that help teams plan, deliver & improve. All roads lead to agile.

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