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Ready for the most exciting journey through the world of technology? Take part in the 3rd edition of Get Digital Summit – the most important online conference that will unite IT enthusiasts from around the world. See world-class speakers such as Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Jacob Beningo, Dejan Miličić, Colin Walls, and Tomasz Ducin.


Day 1: 17th of October 

  • 5.00 PM: Łukasz Wójcik – “It can’t be done…” a few words about architecture*
  • 6.00 PM: Łukasz Ryński – How do you run containers on the cloud?*
  • 7.00 PM: Tomasz Ducin – Who needs Server Components?*


Day 2: 18th of October

  • 5.00 PM: Dejan Miličić – CQRS: Do you really need two databases?
  • 6.00 PM: Jacob Beningo – Modernizing Embedded Software Architecture Design
  • 7.00 PM: Paweł Czapiewski – Unraveling the mysteries of artificial intelligence decision-making processes. Introduction to Explainable AI*


Day 3: 19th of October

  • 5.00 PM: Colin Walls – It’s a match! How to choose the perfect RTOS for your project
  • 6.00 PM: Filip Kostrzewa – Multi-tenant applications in Azure*
  • 7.00 PM: Robert C. Martin – Nostr: Free Speech in the Cloud

*Presentations in Polish

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⭐ Why is it worth to join? ⭐

World-class Speakers

Topics from various technologies

Solid dose of knowledge

Contest with technological books

Q&A session with experts

Free registration

⭐ Stars of the event ⭐

  • Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
    Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
    Best-selling author of "Clean Code" and "Clean Architecture"
    The legend of the IT world, operating in the IT industry since 1970, is a recognized speaker at conferences around the world. Author of such bestsellers as "Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship", "Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C#", "The Clean Coder" and "UML for Java Programrs".
  • Jacob Beningo
    Jacob Beningo
    Embedded Software Consultant, Firmware Expert, Smallsat Flight Software
    An embedded software consultant, technical trainer, and writer, specializing in real-time embedded software for microcontroller-based systems, C, C++, and Python, with firmware analysis and design skills. He has extensive experience in developing flight software applications for small satellite systems, including primary flight computer software, propulsion control systems, sensor acquisition systems, and more.
  • Dejan Miličić
    Dejan Miličić
    Consultant and Head of DevRel at RavenDB
    Dejan Miličić is an enthusiastic consultant and Head of DevRel at RavenDB with over 20 years of experience as a professional software developer designing, writing, and maintaining applications. Dejan is passionate about Open Source, RavenDB, Software Architecture, and Software Professionalism, supporting the Software Crafting Serbia community via workshops and meetups. He is an active proponent of knowledge sharing, professional ethics, and usage of Type Driven Development and Functional techniques to reduce complexity, increase expressiveness, and improve the correctness of software. Dejan works on open-source projects in his spare time, mentors startups in various development phases, and participates in Startup Accelerator programs supporting entrepreneurs through on-site and off-site consultations.
  • Colin Walls
    Colin Walls
    Author of "Embedded Software: The Works", "Embedded RTOS Design: Insights and Implementation"
    A pioneer in embedded software engineering with 40+ years of experience. Author of numerous articles and books, including "Embedded Software: The Works" and one of the first positions on embedded software: “Programming Dedicated Microprocessors”. A renowned speaker at various conferences and seminars, such as Design West, Design East, ARM TechCon, and Embedded World.
  • Tomasz Ducin
    Tomasz Ducin
    Software Architect, Consultant, Trainer, ANF - Architektura Na Froncie
    Freelance consultant, architect and developer. Experienced in both frontend and backend. JavaScript expert, passionate about programming, involved in the industry since 2007. Speaker at many events in Poland and Europe. Organizer of several Polish conferences, author of industry articles and blogs.

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Sii Stars

Day 1: October 17

Łukasz Wójcik

“It can’t be done…” a few words about architecture 

There comes a stage in the life of every developer or architect when he begins to follow the path that is supposed to lead him to beautiful and flawless architecture. This mythical architecture meets all expectations, and moving within its boundaries is like a journey through a magical garden. We know perfectly well that the only constant is change, and the road to perfection of our solution is bumpy and without signposts. In my presentation, I would like to touch on changes in architecture and their effects and enrich it with my own thoughts. Several patterns and approaches will be discussed that will help us bite the transformation topics. 

Łukasz Ryński

How do you run containers on the cloud? 

During the presentation, we will delve into launching applications and services encapsulated in containers within the cloud. Our primary focus will be on Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS technologies. We will address the following topics:

  1. What to pay attention to when creating applications intended for deployment on Kubernetes - remember the non-functional requirements.
  2. Key considerations when preparing the deployment of applications on Kubernetes.

The presentation is primarily intended for developers, DevOps professionals, and system architects. The discussed topics will be invaluable for those involved in deploying applications in cloud environments.

Tomasz Ducin

Who needs Server Components?

We're witnessing the next step of the Web Architecture evolution — after MPAs, SPAs, SSR, and SSG/ISG, it's time for Server Components and Partial Hydration. Many questions arise, such as: does this architecture suit the needs of my business and my application? What are the benefits to expect? What are the downsides, and do the benefits outweigh them? And... aren't we actually taking a step back (!) since we're moving more operations back to the server? Let's deconstruct the hype around Server Components with a tiny bit of technical details behind React Server Components. Let's discover how the fusion of client-side interactivity and server-side efficiency optimizes web vitals and (r)evolutionizes web development. 

Day 2nd: October 18

Dejan Miličić

CQRS: Do you really need two databases?

Dive into the depths of Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) as we unravel the history, philosophy, and real-world applications of this architectural style. CQRS promises a separation of concerns, but does it also necessitate the separation at the persistence level? We will critically examine the distinction between read and write models supporting CQRS. By the end of this talk, you'll be armed with the insights to determine if, when, and why two databases might be just what your project needs — or not.

Jacob Beningo

Modernizing Embedded Software Architecture Design

A modern embedded software architecture demands flexibility, scalability, portability, and quality. Traditional embedded software architectures have been tightly coupled to the hardware, making unit testing, simulation, and DevOps difficult to impossible. Many teams struggle to maintain their software architectures throughout the development cycle and often end up with a “Big ball of mud” architecture. Attendees will learn about the five steps and see how a hardware block diagram translates into data assets, resulting in architectural domains and high-level software architecture. Attendees will then see how they can take their architecture, test it, evolve it, and scale it over the product's life cycle.   

Paweł Czapiewski

Unraveling the mysteries of artificial intelligence decision-making processes. Introduction to Explainable AI

We will analyze methods for explaining AI processes and their application in business and science. We will discover why transparency is key to trust in AI-based technologies. We delve into Explainable AI methods, providing an overview of popular XAI techniques. We will also present practical examples demonstrating the diverse applications of these methods. Finally, we will explore the development prospects and emerging research directions in the field of XAI.

Day 3rd: October 19

Colin Walls

It's a match! How to choose the perfect RTOS for your project

When starting on an embedded software project, deciding to use a real time operating system (RTOS) and its subsequent selection is critical, as the consequences of this decision will impact the costs and schedule of the project delivery. In this session, we will look at deciding whether an RTOS is needed, the basic capabilities to be expected from an RTOS, and the selection process. Choosing an RTOS is far from straightforward, as there are a great many variables. Attendees to this session will be armed with a checklist that will lead them through the process. 

Filip Kostrzewa

Multi-tenant applications in Azure

Learning about multi-tenant architecture in Azure can be beneficial due to its cost efficiency, scalability, streamlined maintenance, resource sharing, innovation opportunities, data privacy measures, and integration. This knowledge empowers individuals and organizations to design and deploy cloud solutions that are flexible, resilient, and aligned with modern business requirements.  With a single codebase serving multiple tenants, software updates and bug fixes can be applied globally, saving time and effort compared to managing individual instances.

Robert C. Martin

Nostr: Free Speech in the Cloud

This is the tale of Nostr, the open-source, cloud-based social network that nobody owns, nobody can forge, nobody can suppress, and nobody can censor. It’s all open source, it’s all volunteer, and it’s absolutely brilliant. This is the future, not only of social networks but of all mission-critical internet messaging. 


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