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17.10.2023 - 19.10.2023

5:00 pm

Ready for the most exciting journey through the world of technology? Take part in the 3rd edition of Get Digital Summit – the most important online conference that will unite IT enthusiasts from around the world. See world-class speakers such as Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), Jacob Beningo, Oren Eini, Colin Walls, and Tomasz Ducin.


Day 1: 17th of October 

  • 5.00 PM: Tomasz Ducin – Who needs Server Components?
  • 6.00 PM: Łukasz Wójcik – “It can’t be done…” a few words about architecture*
  • 7.00 PM: Łukasz Ryński – How Do you Run Containers in the Cloud?*


Day 2: 18th of October

  • 5.00 PM: Oren Eini – Anatomy of a Query Engine: How a Database Engine Processes Queries in an Optimal Manner
  • 6.00 PM: Jacob Beningo – Modernizing Embedded Software Architecture Design
  • 7.00 PM: Paweł Czapiewski – Unraveling the mysteries of artificial intelligence decision-making processes. Introduction to Explainable AI*


Day 3: 19th of October

  • 5.00 PM: Collin Walls – It’s a match! How to choose the perfect RTOS for your project
  • 6.00 PM: Filip Kostrzewa – Multi-tenant applications in Azure*
  • 7.00 PM: Robert C. Martin – Nostr: Free Speech in the Cloud

*Presentations in Polish

 Scroll down fore more details of the presentations 

⭐ Why is it worth to join? ⭐

World-class Speakers

Topics from various technologies

Solid dose of knowledge

Contest with technological books

Q&A session with experts

Free registration

⭐ Stars of the event ⭐

  • Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
    Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)
    Best-selling author of "Clean Code" and "Clean Architecture"
    The legend of the IT world, operating in the IT industry since 1970, is a recognized speaker at conferences around the world. Author of such bestsellers as "Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship", "Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C#", "The Clean Coder" and "UML for Java Programrs".
  • Jacob Beningo
    Jacob Beningo
    Embedded Software Consultant, Firmware Expert, Smallsat Flight Software
    An embedded software consultant, technical trainer, and writer, specializing in real-time embedded software for microcontroller-based systems, C, C++, and Python, with firmware analysis and design skills. He has extensive experience in developing flight software applications for small satellite systems, including primary flight computer software, propulsion control systems, sensor acquisition systems, and more.
  • Oren Eini
    Oren Eini
    CEO RavenDB, author of "Inside RavenDB 4.0", "DSLs in Boo"
    Over 20 years of experience in the .NET ecosystem. Author of "Inside RavenDB 4.0", "DSLs in Boo" and internationally acclaimed presenter with the Microsoft MVP award and 17 years of blogging at Keynote speaker at DevTeach, JAOO, and Oredev and enthusiast of using technology to revolutionize traditional models.
  • Colin Walls
    Colin Walls
    Author of "Embedded Software: The Works", "Embedded RTOS Design: Insights and Implementation"
    A pioneer in embedded software engineering with 40+ years of experience. Author of numerous articles and books, including "Embedded Software: The Works" and one of the first positions on embedded software: “Programming Dedicated Microprocessors”. A renowned speaker at various conferences and seminars, such as Design West, Design East, ARM TechCon, and Embedded World.
  • Tomasz Ducin
    Tomasz Ducin
    Software Architect, Consultant, Trainer, ANF - Architektura Na Froncie
    Freelance consultant, architect and developer. Experienced in both frontend and backend. JavaScript expert, passionate about programming, involved in the industry since 2007. Speaker at many events in Poland and Europe. Organizer of several Polish conferences, author of industry articles and blogs.

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Sii Stars

Day 1: 17th of October

5:00 PM: Tomasz Ducin, Software Architect | Consultant | Trainer

Who needs Server Components?

6:00 PM: Łukasz Wójcik | Sii Solution Architect

"This can't be done..." or a few words about architecture

7:00 PM: Łukasz Ryński | Sii Solution Architect

"How Do You Run Containers in the Cloud?

Day 2: 18th of October

5:00 PM: Oren Eini, CEO of RavenDB

Anatomy of a Query Engine: How a Database Engine Processes Queries in an Optimal Manner

6:00 PM: Jacob Beningo, Embedded Software Consultant | Firmware Expert | Smallsat Flight Software

Modernizing Embedded Software Architecture Design

7:00 PM: Paweł Czapiewski, Sii Consultant

Uncovering the secrets of decision-making processes by artificial intelligence. Introduction to Explainable AI

Day 3: 19th of October

5:00 PM: Colin Walls, author of"Embedded Software" and "Embedded RTOS Design"

It's a match! How to choose perfect RTOS for your project

6:00 PM: Filip Kostrzewa, Sii Architect

Multi-tenant applications in Azure

7:00 PM: Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), best-selling author | programming expert

Nostr: Free Speech in the Cloud

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