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Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 offer multiple ready-to-use functions that can be used on the platform without additional development. However, every company has its individual needs that require non-standard solutions going beyond out-of-the-box products.




To help you expand your Office 365 or SharePoint platform and turn it into an even more powerful tool, we have created a set of ready applications that can be installed in your environment. Can’t find a solution suitable for your organization? Office 365 and SharePoint applications tailored to your needs!




SharePoint applications tailored to your needs


With the Office 365 Competency Center support, you can implement any kind of business application to your Office 365 or SharePoint platform.


While working on custom solutions, we always start with business analysis conducted in cooperation with a client to specify the objectives and functions of the target system. A business project produced at this stage is then transformed into a technical one.

We pay scant attention to details so as to guarantee optimal efficiency, clear implementation process and easy maintenance of the production environment. As soon as we achieve the best technical solution, our team deploys the application.


Our experts precisely address business objectives, making sure that the quality of services is always paramount.




Building information systems in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint brings a lot of benefits to the business. The main of them are:


  • unified, user-friendly application interface
  • single sign on
  • wide access thanks to the mobile version
  • integration with MS Office
  • easy integration with external systems
  • quick implementation
  • reduced system infrastructure
  • customizability and software portability



Office 365 Competency Center has rich experience with custom applications built for special purposes. We design solutions supporting the following application models:


  • Farm Solutions (on-premises)
  • SharePoint Add-ins (Office 365 / SharePoint Online)
    • SharePoint-hosted
    • Provider-hosted

We use the following programming languages and technologies to deploy our solutions:


  • C# & .NET Framework
  • JavaScript
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • PowerShell


Sample applications delivered by Sii Office 365 Competency Center


FeedBack feature – an application for the on-presmises environment




The system administrator can define the solution features using a simple form. It is possible to decide whether or not the feedback is active or anonymous, as well as indicate users responsible for moderating opinions.




The application allows users to add their opinions on SharePoint list elements. Administrators can simply add Feedback column to a list or document library to give others a chance to evaluate usefulness of the uploaded items.



By clicking an icon in the feedback column, the user is redirected to a short and simple form. If necessary, additional fields can be added to the form. As soon as the moderator accepts the opinion, it is displayed next to the evaluated element.





Custom calendar – Office 365 applications






The calendar brings together events from all company departments. To make the solution transparent and user-friendly, we introduced event filtering based on color categories, metadata attributed to each entry and geolocalization. The calendar is a SharePoint Add-in application for Office 365 platform.


Tagging events with color category helps to keep the calendar clear and easily identify the meetings. The categories can indicate the importance of an event or the department in which it will take place. You can modify colors using a built-in color picker.




The event form with custom fields allows to precisely categorise new meetings, which facilitates calendar filtering and event searching. Users can also attach files or links to both internal and external resources to the meetings they create.





Interested in a custom SharePoint application? Contact us! We are happy to select the best possible solution that will certainly revolutionise work in your organisation.


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