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Your clients purchase decisions are influenced by many factors. You know some of them and you can guess others but you do not even realize the majority of them. Customer Experience Management solutions offered by Sii Poland help get access to valuable and previously inaccessible knowledge of individual customer behaviors.
Better sales results are obtained thanks to advanced, multichannel systems that create and implement carefully planned scenarios of experience and interaction with your brand.
Build loyalty and engage your customers

Thanks to accurate data and versatile analyses, Customer Experience Management tools can precisely adjust the content and marketing messages to a specific recipient. Such unified solutions can be used by different devices, media and access channels.

Sii Poland is an official partner in the scope of implementing Adobe Marketing Cloud – the world’s leading Customer Experience platform according to Gartner. We offer them along with the knowledge and experience of our experts.

Our technologies

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What distinguishes us



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  • Complex implementations of Adobe Experience Manager – design, development, and maintenance
  • Comprehensive analysis of requirements
  • Creation of custom components
  • Support of international advertising campaigns
  • Integration with external systems
  • Thorough tests – manual and automatic
  • Platform updates
  • Platform administration
  • 24/7 application support – 1st, 2nd and 3d line of support