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Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint constitute tools that easily turns business processes into optimal workflows. Our Office 365 Competency Center supports clients at any stage of business process automation – we deal with design and analysis of the existing workflows, which we improve and adjust to new business requirements.


We work with various types of workflows, using built-in technologies offered by Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, as well as Nintex or WEBCON products intended for custom solutions.


Office 365 and SharePoint allow to create a few simple workflows using ready-to-use templates, e.g. document approval or feedback gathering. Workflows can also be created and modified with SharePoint Designer, but it may sometimes happen to be insufficient.







Key WEBCON BPS functions:




  • Microsoft SharePoint used as an end-user interface makes it easier for the employees to adapt to the solution. Style and functions of the system can be adjusted to individual needs.
  • WEBCON Business Process Suite uses original workflow engine, responsible for correct and efficient interactions and task performance. Custom data base Microsoft SQL Server designed to store documents and the process course status allows to manage thousands of users and millions of documents.




  • Dual integration with client systems and Active Directory, as well as availability of the development interface and full data base documentation.
  • Custom scanners accelerate document registration in the system. Scans can be attached manually at the registration stage or automatically using barcodes.
  • Use of printers and one- and two-dimensional barcode readers helps to earmark documents, which facilitates further identification in the system.
  • A set of webparts allows to create task lists and documents, monitor the process progress and its Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and visualize information using graphs.
  • OCR mechanism (Optical Character Recognition) enables to search phrases in the content of documents and helps to automate document registration in the system.




  • Integration with faxes and mail boxes facilitates mail and invoice registration without the need to print them.
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange makes it easy to notify end users and automatically update calendars and task lists.
  • WEBCON Business Process Suite Mobile Access allows to browse documents in the system, accept them or delegate tasks to co-workers using custom applications available for the following systems: iOS, Android, Windows.


Find out more about our partner’s solution on our blog.



NINTEX Workflow


The Nintex platform is composed of the following elements:


  • Nintex Workflow – process generator
  • Nintex Forms – form generator
  • Nintex Live – module for integration between SharePoint platform and services based on cloud
  • Nintex Mobile – module allowing to use Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms on mobile devices



Nintex offers a solution that does not require additional servers or other infrastructure extensions. All functions related to managing and creating processes are available through SharePoint and browsers.


Key features of Nintex platform are:


  • User-friendly process generator with drag-and-drop function (available through a browser),
  • A large number of pre-defined actions configured using process generator,
  • Multiple models for communication with external systems,
  • Real-time workflow status,
  • Possibility to save and reuse a given set of actions,
  • Implementations and management available through browsers,
  • Workflows versioning (access to previous versions; publishing new workflow versions does not influence the already existing ones),
  • LazyApproval – request approval without acess to the system (e.g. through mail).




Learn more about our partner’s solution from our blog.



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