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3D printing human tissue is not science fiction anymore. Check how Sii experts bring bio and nano printing to the next level at a super fast pace 

One of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, which provides innovative products and services to international clients, faced the task of redesigning a bioprinting machine that had been already available on the market. Cost reduction and optimization of the production process were the main challenges involved. Due to a very limited timeline and lack of internal resources, the client needed a solid technological partner and decided to establish cooperation with Sii experts to streamline project implementation.

Accelerating innovation under time pressure

The client develops and markets innovative technologies that enable life science researchers to print human tissues, conduct high-throughput drug screening, and develop new diagnostic solutions. The company needed a partner to take on developing modifications to a bioprinting device that had been already commercially available. Because of time constraints on project execution, Sii needed to delegate a group of experts accustomed to working with state-of-the-art technologies under heavy time pressure.

Sii engineers supported the company in the process of modeling and preparing technical documentation, as well as drawing up specifications for the mockup of the station housing. The key point was to design the end product in such a way that its components were easy to manufacture while ensuring high-quality workmanship in line with the concept sketch. The documentation had to take into account the capability of the manufacturing process.

By working with tools such as Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, and CAD, Sii experts:

  • Analyzed and optimized the prototype of the machine housing design, including automatic door opening system, lighting, etc.
  • Provided 3D design of the device case focused on simplification and structure optimization to reduce production costs while maintaining high product design standards.
  • Delivered thorough 2D documentation for component manufacturing.
  • Assembled and installed the housing along with launching the expected functionalities, i.e.
    a touch panel control with sequential lighting and a movable cover.
Next-generation technology and outstanding design

The cooperation with Sii enabled the biotech company to create an ergonomic machine housing through increasing expertise in the team and diversifying resources. At the same time, it was possible to reduce implementation costs, and the decision to rely on outsourcing allowed the client to create a solution in an extremely limited time, which would have been unachievable when using only the in-house team capacity.

– Working under time pressure and being particularly flexible in meeting clients’ expectations is the Sii Engineering Competency Center team’s reality, as we build innovative solutions. Thanks to participation in the project, Sii has strengthened its position as an industry expert in biotechnology solutions. We carry out such tasks due to our great passion for the world of product engineering – says Łukasz Zakrzewski, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

Having its own production space and with the support of a qualified engineering team, Sii Poland provides clients with high-quality production lines fully adhering to the Industry 4.0 standards.

Do you need support in the mechanical or electrical redesign of an existing product or in developing a completely new prototype? Check our Smart Factory offer for the healthcare sector or contact us, we will gladly help you develop your business.

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