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    A summary of Siinspiration – video report and interviews with the winners

    Sii continuously recognizes the members of the management and invites them to participate in the Sii Managerial Weekend. Siinspiration is not only a chance to present the current results, but above all it is an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences. The May meeting is also a place where work standards, best practices and case studies, which are highly regarded by both Clients and Partners, are presented.

    Hotel Warszawianka hosted almost 300 managers who met to discuss the plans and objectives of the company for the upcoming year. However, as the participants themselves emphasize, Siinspirtion is above all a place for exchanging experiences and mutual inspiration.

    The managers themselves emphasize networking and the possibility to better get to know the Workers of the company are important elements of these annual meetings. The team at Sii consists of market experts in numerous areas. Direct meetings facilitate mutual communication.  In everyday work the members of individual teams are often dozens of kilometers away from one another. This is why the members of the management attach great importance to strengthening relationships and direct communication.

    During the weekend, the best of the best are rewarded. The title of MVP (Most Valuable Player) – went to Grzegorz Brzostowski, ‎Business Unit Director at Sii. He distinguished as a leader, who uses his unique passion and experience to help colleagues on a daily basis to grow together with the company, also internationally.

    We encourage you to watch the movies and galleries with awarded. Congratulations to each and every winner! The awards were granted in the following categories:

    VIDEO nagroda magda

    The best implementation of the Sii mission – Magdalena Oshikoya

    VIDEO Bbes project

    The best delivered project – Service Desk

    VIDEO wojciech

    The best Sales – Wojciech Drescher

    VIDEO marcin nagroda

    The best Competency Center – Testing

    VIDEO nagroda grzegorz

    Most Valuable Player – Grzegorz Brzostowski

    ZDJ najlepszy eb
    The best Employer Branding – Sii Gdańsk and Sii Łódź

    ZDJ hr
    The best Recruitment and HR Department – Sii Lublin

    ZDJ 2
    The best Administration and Billing Department – Sii Warsaw

    ZDJ szymon bochniak
    The best Pre-sales Consultant / Solution Architect – Szymon Bochniak

    ZDJ marcin kozlowski
    The best TL / SDM / PM – Marcin Kozłowski

    ZDJ najlepszy bu
    The best Business Unit – BU Telco & International – Sii Wrocław

    ZDJ najlepszy site
    The best Site – Sii Gdańsk and Sii Lublin

    Each year, managerial meetings bring together more and more representatives of the management from the entire country. Next year’s meeting shall not be different — new experts from the IT sector will join the company and the greatest Sii talents will embrace managerial positions. It is also excellent evidence of the dynamic development of the company which right now is the leading employer in the Polish IT industry.

    Siinspiration is both, an occasion for knowledge sharing, networking and great fun! Watch “Making of” movie!

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