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AI-supported test automation. Sii Poland becomes the first Mabl partner in the local market   

Can the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of test automation be improved? Sii Poland, the first Mabl platform partner in Poland, demonstrates that it is, indeed, possible. The company has recently introduced reliable low-code tools that revolutionize the creation and maintenance of test scripts, setting new industry standards. Discover how Sii Poland employs innovative technology to help companies reduce costs and improve testing performance. 

Over the years, Sii Poland has partnered with industry-leading technology vendors, including Tricentis, Microsoft, Atlassian, and SAP. The company’s comprehensive knowledge of various tools and systems and its tailored offerings for different sectors have made it a trusted partner for its extensive client portfolio across Europe. 

AI in testing — the response to current market needs  

Sii Poland’s cooperation with Mabl is a pioneering partnership on the national scale that allows testing teams not only to implement solutions directly in clients’ organizations but also to offer services based on this modern platform, responding to current market trends.  

— Sii Poland’s clients are increasingly looking for AI support in testing and are keen to use low-code solutions that simplify and speed up scripting compared to traditional methods. Mabl, using the latest technologies, is a leader in web and API testing — says Marcin Laksander, Testing Competency Center Director at Sii Poland.   

Although the platform is relatively new to the market, the Testing Competency Center team specializes in its use.   

— The platform was designed for quick mastery, enabling our engineers to implement complex automation strategies effectively. Our tests have confirmed that the tool matches and even surpasses the effectiveness of traditional test automation methods in terms of speed and reliability — adds Marcin Laksander.  

Performance and savings for clients 

The partnership between Sii and Mabl brings several benefits to customers through using AI in the cloud. Implementing the platform greatly shortens the time needed to develop and maintain tests, cutting operational costs.  

— Although Mabl is a commercial tool that comes at a certain cost, it provides tangible results, especially in the test development process. While a skilled automation engineer typically spends about a day and a half writing a high-quality test, with Mabl, they can develop two to three UI tests in just one day and even more API tests. It significantly increases efficiency and naturally translates into decreased costs for projects that often involve hundreds of such tests — explains Marcin Laksander.  

Automation of workloads — lower maintenance costs  

An additional advantage for customers is the reduced cost of maintenance. Mabl uses artificial AI for self-healing, meaning it independently detects and fixes errors on a website by identifying strong connections to changed page elements. Once these are implemented, a report with details of the criteria by which the artificial intelligence found or could not find the connection in question is generated.  

— In the case of minor changes to the application that do not affect the test logic, Mabl automatically updates the tests and proceeds. This functionality significantly minimizes the need for manual corrections, and consequently, the effort and time required to maintain and update tests. As a result, testing processes remain efficient without constant user oversight. In addition, the ability to run an almost unlimited number of tests simultaneously is valuable, as it seriously increases capacity and overall testing efficiency — points out Marcin Laksander.  

Importantly, as a cloud-based solution, Mabl enables customers to operate without investing in their own infrastructure. All processes are managed within the platform, streamlining and decreasing the costs generated.  

Industries that will benefit most from AI-based automation  

The Mabl platform meets the needs of many sectors, especially those requiring extensive solution testing, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare.  

— Companies that require extensive front-end and back-end testing, i.e., those that produce back-end web applications, will particularly benefit from implementing this system — adds Marcin Laksander. — Sii can acquire such licenses and provide comprehensive automation services based on them. This approach simplifies the process for customers, allowing them to enjoy reliability without having to manage the licenses themselves — he concludes.  

That’s why choosing Sii’s services related to Mabl is particularly appealing. The company can comprehensively analyze the customer’s testing needs and strategically plan the project to optimize both the schedule and the number of licenses required. In addition, Sii specialists provide tool configuration, training in the use of the cloud, and ongoing support throughout the process, ensuring that projects run smoothly. 

Learn more about Sii Poland’s test automation offer. Contact us to learn how implementing the Mabl platform will support your business.  

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