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Ambition is her driving force! Meet Vladyslava, who, thanks to the use of Job Changer tool, now holds the position of a Delivery Manager at Sii Poland

When she moved from Ukraine to Poland 10 years ago, she didn’t know that she would fulfil her biggest professional dreams at Sii. She approached with great courage each of the challenges that stood on her path, since, as she says: “Life is best experienced through trying everything on your own.”

You are originally from Ukraine, but your life is now permanently connected to Poland. Can you tell something more about it? 

Yes, it’s true. I come from Ukraine and I was born in a town close to the Polish border (Novovolynsk). Sometimes I wonder whether it was fate that wanted me to connect with this country. As a matter of fact, my adventure with Poland began 10 years ago, when I came to Warsaw to study. 

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I started my career in IT and in the meantime, I continued my master’s studies. In my second year, I went on an international exchange to a city called Haag in the Netherlands. I highly recommend to all the students to take the advantage of the benefits of participating in the Erasmus program. I think it’s truly the best student experience: besides a huge number of friends from all over the world (some of whom I still keep in touch with to this day!), you also become familiar with living in an international and intercultural environment and broaden your horizons. I could write a whole article about my experience, and this is just the first question. I invite everyone, who feels like discussing this topic, to the 3rd floor in Sii’s Warsaw office 😉 

Back to the point – I studied Marketing Management (this subject was and still is my passion), however, 90% of my professional experience is in IT, mainly in the area of e-commerce. While working for two years at a creative agency, I also became familiar with UX and UI (UX is still the second love of my life). This job taught me a lot and certainly allowed me to develop my creativity. Unfortunately, it was also characterized by a lot of chaos and little predictability, so I eventually decided to return to the IT world. 

We already know that you worked at a creative agency. What other experiences did you gather before joining Sii?  

Before Sii, besides the creative agency, I worked at two other companies: a software house and a corporation. My motto is: “Life is best experienced through trying everything on your own.”, so looking back, I am grateful for all my experiences. Working in such diverse environments has given me a broad perspective and allowed me to realize that the same problem or challenge (found in each company) can be solved in many ways. Having experience from previous years can make things a lot easier – I often encounter situations that I have already dealt with in another company, so I am able to share a “live” example and predict the complications, risks and, of course, the pros of a given solution. I like global projects, the international environment, contact with people living on the other side of the world and continuous learning. 

You have been working at Sii since 2020. Why did you choose our organization in the first place?   

In 2020, my dream was to work for one of Sii’s clients. Perhaps the power of affirmation worked, or maybe this position was simply written for me, as it quickly became apparent that the dream could become a reality – I was offered a job at Sii for a Reckitt client and, of course, I gladly accepted it. 

At Sii, from the very beginning, I was impressed by the amount of support I received in every field. I also knew that there is a focus on the development of the employee, and if I earn and gain even more experience in this company, I will also get this opportunity. 

Your first position at Sii was Project Manager. What have you learned from it?     

I value this experience very much. Working as a Project Manager gave me the independence and autonomy I needed. I worked in three teams simultaneously, so I couldn’t complain about boredom either. I saw the differences in how projects are managed in different teams (even within the same company) and how those differences can sometimes be colossal, so I also had to show some flexibility and be open to change. Additionally, as a Project Manager, I gained knowledge that prepared me for my later role as Delivery Manager. My responsibilities involved working with purchase orders, selecting a vendor, coordinating external teams, and approving their work. As a result, it’s now easier for me to anticipate what the customer might expect, which will simplify the entire process and ultimately convince them to work with us. 

In 2022, you decided to use the Job Changer and soon after became a Delivery Manager, that you mentioned before. What was the reason for the change?   

I have 8 years of experience in being a Project Manager. That’s a really long period of time, a lot of valuable lessons, but also a sense of a certain repetitiveness after almost a decade spent in one role. At some point there had to be a change, I needed to go beyond familiar territory. The reason was also my ambition – I needed further development and new experiences. I was just waiting for the right moment. 

So how would you rate the Job Changer tool?  

I’m very satisfied with the fact that I used Job Changer. Shortly after filling out the application on SiiPortal, I got a call from Ania Harmacińska (the program’s supervisor), she asked about my needs, experience, and goals. Almost immediately after our conversation, many people contacted me with proposals for various projects, most of which corresponded to my preferences and need for development. In conclusion, I think Job Changer is a wonderful tool, allowing an employee who feels the need for a career change to stay at Sii. It also shows that the company listens to your needs, and you are only a few clicks away from a fresh start 😊 

Finally, tell us, what do you value most about Sii?  

What I value most about Sii is various development opportunities. Sometimes I feel that in this company the saying “sky is the limit” is really true. This is due, among other things, to my supervisor and Buddy, and their attitude. I value the fact that despite its huge scale, Sii still communicates regularly with its employees. We can go out for coffee with the CEO, ask any question, work from any office in Poland, and establish relationships with people in all sorts of positions. 

A huge advantage of Sii is also the variety of events – there is always a lot going on here! In our free time, we have plenty of options to choose from (candle-making workshops, soccer, scuba diving – the list goes on!) and it’s only up to us which activity we get involved in.   

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