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Artificial Intelligence in Business. An interview with Antonia Novak – a speaker at the Mobilise Your Business conference

There is only one month left until the Mobilise Your Business Conference organized by Sii and Microsoft, which will take place on April 19th 2018 in Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen. The event will cover topics related to mobile technologies. Experts will talk about creating cross-platform mobile applications using Xamarin, and Microsoft Cognitive Services and AI.

Today we are talking to one of the speakers – Antonia Novak, who is a Partner Executive – Global Black Belt at Microsoft USA.

What will you focus on during your presentation?

A.N.: According to the International Data Corporation ( IDC), by 2018, half of all consumers will be dealing with cognitive computing on a regular basis. During my session I will talk about AI, how it has matured over the years and what Microsoft is doing in this area.

Why is this year’s Mobilise Your Business worth attending?

A.N.: At Microsoft, we are focusing on the Intelligent Edge and the Intelligent Cloud, which is a 4.5 trillion-dollar opportunity. In addition to presenting the market trends surrounding AI, I will explain why this is a huge priority for Microsoft and how we want to support our customers and partners as they introduce AI into their products and solutions. AI is beyond the realm of science-fiction and constitutes a major technological phenomenon. This will be a good opportunity to start thinking about how AI can benefit your business and customers.

Who is the conference dedicated to?

A.N.: This is an event designed for Business and Technical decision makers. We want the attendees to wonder how AI can be integrated with their businesses, with the intention of sitting down with Sii and Microsoft to identify further steps.

For more information about the event, a detailed agenda and a registration form, go to the conference website.


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