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“Become an IT Specialist” training – gain the necessary knowledge to start working in IT

Are you thinking about working in the IT industry? Would you like to retrain, but don’t know where to start? At Sii Poland, we have been proving for several years that the knowledge necessary to start a career in IT can be acquired by anyone, regardless of their current experience or education. With over 50 completed trainings and 500 trained people, we are successfully launching new editions of the “Become an IT Specialist” training series. Check how your career in this industry can start.

Which position is best for me?

Are you meticulous and perceptive?

These are two features of a good tester who must be accurate and consistent at work because their goal is to test applications to show their strengths and weaknesses. A person in this position works with both programmers and the client, creating application test scenarios for them.

Or maybe you think outside the box and like technical issues?

A developer does not only deal with programming. They implement new functionalities and create concepts for their use. They must demonstrate not only technical but also independent planning skills so that the presented functionalities meet the customer’s requirements.

Do you easily solve problems and your communication skills make you stand out?

Each good business analyst has great personal skills, acting as an intermediary between the business and the IT department. An analyst “translates” from business to technical language, describing the reality using appropriate models and notations, for which both knowledge and soft skills are needed.

Do you like teaching others and helping them improve their work?

It is a Scrum Master that helps resolve problems, shares expertise and develops the team to make it work as efficiently as possible. The role of a Scrum Master is to constantly support the team, which means that soft skills as well as knowledge of agile methodologies and the software development cycle are the most important in their case.

How to acquire qualifications?

As you can see, not only people with technical knowledge will find a job in IT. There are many development paths for both people with technical and interpersonal skills. We took this into account when preparing our “Become an IT Specialist” training cycle, which allows you to gain the knowledge and qualifications necessary to start a career in IT.

Trainings are addressed to beginners:

  • who do not have IT experience or education,
  • who are students or graduates in various fields,
  • who want to work as a tester, developer, business analyst or Scrum Master,

as well as to people who are already working in the profession and want to:

  • consolidate their knowledge,
  • obtain a certificate confirming their competence,
  • acquire new practical skills and expand their knowledge.

Both technical people (testers, developers) and those who want to focus on building relationships and working with others (business analysts, Scrum Masters) will find a suitable development path.

Why is it worth participating in Sii trainings?

We offer courses preparing for work as a junior IT specialist in various areas. We train future testers (manual and automation), developers (Java, Python and Front-end) and, recently, also business analysts and Scrum Masters.

Our trainers are experienced specialists – our employees who carry out projects for Polish and international clients on a daily basis.

We provide courses both in the face-to-face and online formula, which is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to this, also people living outside the locations where we organize stationary courses can participate in our trainings. Online courses also increase our safety during the pandemic. In addition, they allow you to prepare for work in an online and distributed team, which is an increasingly common practice these days.

Sometimes we are looking for new employees among our students. Currently, over 50 people trained by us have found a job at Sii.

So far, we have completed over 50 courses in the “Become an IT Specialist” series. The best proof that we do it well are the opinions of our training participants:

“Great approach to each person, each task calmly explained, sometimes even several times. Really great training.”

Bartosz Wójcik, Become a Tester – online training

“Lovely atmosphere. After reading the syllabus on my own, I was confused and after 2 days with the trainer everything was clear. A very well-prepared trainer helped and approached everyone individually.”

Anna Królak, Become a Tester – Wrocław

“No objections, quite the contrary! I enjoyed the training very much and I regret that it was so short. The trainer is very good, you can see that he is passionate about what he does. I hope that after completing the training I will have a chance to find a job as a programmer.”

Paweł Dąbrowski, Become a Java Developer

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