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Better results without surprises – how to intelligently manage risk in the healthcare sector

Effective risk management in a large-scale organization requires working out an optimal method for dealing with adverse events. Recently, automation of internal processes using cloud solutions has gained recognition. It is widely used, among other things, in the healthcare sector, in the case of which mistakes can have serious or even tragic consequences.

Why take the risk?

One of the key, long-term clients of Sii Poland is the largest provider of products, medical equipment and services for critically and chronically ill patients, operating on international markets. The structure of the organization includes 6 dispersed business segments in 36 regions and 162 countries. Due to the extremely dynamic development of the medical sector leader in recent times, a need to improve the risk management procedure at the global level has emerged. Until now, the client has worked based on manual processes requiring the involvement of a steadily growing group of employees and consuming more and more time. The automation of individual activities related to risk management turned out to be the solution to the growing problem.

Threat under global control

In response to the client’s needs, Sii Poland’s expert team developed a solution that enables rapid risk identification and, in the long term, risk control at the corporate level.

− Our main goal was to create a tool that allows identifying the causes and effects of specific events, analyzing the effectiveness of corrective actions, projecting risk factors, determining the likelihood of their occurrence and the relationship between them, and, above all, counteracting the risks that generate losses − explains Sebastian Cieszczyk, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

The project carried out by Sii Poland’s specialists included, among others, migration to the Azure cloud, reconstruction of interfaces and implementation of new functionalities. A continuous activity stream, matrix reports, threat visualization, acceptance process extension, new types of risks and live trend analysis – these are just some of the functions of the tailor-made application adapted to the dynamically changing requirements of the global organization with a distributed structure. It also allows managing the risk of the entire institution and thus quickly making advantageous strategic decisions.

Results matter

A dedicated, intuitive application developed by the Sii Poland’s team allows the client to monitor and analyze the identified risks on a current basis, thereby protecting the organization from the effects of adverse events.

− In contrast to the time before the implementation, when each stage of the process required the involvement of employees at different levels, including top management, it is now possible to automatically manage risk at the global, regional and national level. We are particularly pleased that nearly 2 500 people employed at the company regularly use the Sii Poland’s application and its functions improving work – says Sebastian Cieszczyk.

The successful project is not over yet and cooperation with the healthcare industry leader is gaining momentum. Applications are still being developed to support the one already implemented and new interface extensions are planned. The Sii Poland’s team has managed to create a large, scalable, multi-tool risk management system.

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