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Securing your migration to Atlassian Cloud. Learn what to take into account from Sii experts

Security has always been crucial in the IT realm. As businesses transition to cloud-based solutions, ensuring a secure migration is a priority. Sii’s Atlassian Competency Center, an Atlassian Platinum Partner backed by years of cloud experience, research, and statistical analysis, has game-changing insights to share on secure cloud migrations, as it’s the situation in which Sii experts come to assist their clients.

The cloud advantage

Moving to the cloud raises concerns, especially regarding security. Sii specialists, however, have extensively worked with Atlassian products and can confirm that cloud environments are safer than on-premises instances. This is due to the continuous 24/7 monitoring by Atlassian experts, along with solid security features such as data encryption in transit and at rest, SAML single sign-on, and flexible authentication policies.

Defining the migration scope

Migrations vary in complexity and duration. While some might be quick and straightforward, most are complex and time-consuming, especially if they involve merging multiple instances. Knowing the full scope of your migration is critical to ensuring its success and security.

Adopting the user-centric approach

Migrating users securely is more than just transferring accounts — it involves a detailed analysis of user roles and permissions. Inactive users with access to the local instance could pose a security risk post-migration. Regular user audits can enhance both security and cost efficiency.

Leveraging best practices

Migration is a convenient moment to declutter, refine processes, and ensure your documentation is up to date. Proper documentation leads to an in-depth understanding of your processes, which is crucial for maintaining high security.

Atlassian Access for permission management

Atlassian Access empowers businesses to integrate their cloud instances with local LDAP systems, like Active Directory, ensuring consistent and secure permission management. Moreover, its compatibility with SCIM protocol and APIs allows for custom solutions, enhancing flexibility and security.

— At Sii, we can vouch for the exceptional security, data privacy, and reliability advantages of migrating to the Atlassian cloud. Compliant with global data privacy standards like GDPR and in the highest Premium and Enterprise plans, Atlassian’s SLA guarantees the availability between 99.9% and 99.95% — explains Michał Tołczyżewski, System Administrator at Sii Poland.

PUMA — a cloud migration case study

Sii’s expertise in Atlassian cloud migration was put into practice once again when one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturers, PUMA, decided to transition to the cloud. The client, which operates globally and has a revenue exceeding EUR 4 billion, required a smooth migration process to handle their scale and complexity. Sii’s team provided a seamless migration and took over all Atlassian tools previously running in both on-premise and cloud environments.

The experts from Sii ensured PUMA’s business continuity and provided around-the-clock maintenance, aligning services with the client’s global operations. The outcome was significant in terms of cost and time efficiency, enhanced security through automated patches, and a more flexible and scalable system.

Pick the right migration partner

— Migration to the Atlassian cloud is not just a technical move; it’s a strategic decision to enhance security and efficiency. At Sii Poland, we’re committed to making that transition as secure and smooth as possible — adds Maciej Szostek, Agile & Atlassian Competency Center Director at Sii Poland.

Sii Poland was a pioneer in migrating the Atlassian technology stack from on-premise to the cloud. As a result, they’ve gained immense expertise in cloud migrations. Sii has been using top-tier Atlassian tools for a long time, which enabled the company to quickly attain Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner status in Poland, Sweden, and, more recently, Ukraine.

Explore Sii’s Atlassian solutions offer or contact our expert to discuss how we can support your business.

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