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Big names at Testing Cup 2018 – report from the meeting with president of Łódź

A press conference regarding the upcoming Testing Cup championships took place yesterday in Andels Hotel in Lodz. During this meeting journalists could talk to Mayor of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska, Testing Cup organizer representative, Project Manager, Joanna Moćko and Director of Testing Competency Center Marcin Laksander from Sii Poland, which happens to be also the main sponsor of the championships.

Hanna Zdanowska expressed her gratitude for choosing Lodz as a host city of Testing Cup and assured the organizers and participants about the city’s hospitality. She also thanked Sii Poland for supporting this event and an active role in expanding the IT sector in Lodz. – Sii has been in our city since 2012 and already managed to become one of the best employers in this region. As a leader in the area of IT and engineering, Sii carries out innovative projects and is eager to participate in activities that develop specialists operating in the sector of new technologies. It comes as no surprise that Sii is the main sponsor of Testing Cup 2018. I’m glad that our city attracts investors as well as known and appreciated on the market companies – Mayor of Lodz said at the press conference.

In 2018 Testing Cup will have its 6th edition. The championships have become an integral part of the events calendar that regards new technologies in Poland and is currently gaining increasing international recognition. The main attraction of the two-day meeting are championships in software testing that each year engage testers from all over Poland. The technical conference, being another very popular part of the event, offers valuable insights thanks to excellent speakers. This year their presence confirmed brilliant experts: Michael Bolton, Henrik Emilsson, Rikard Edgern and a special guest Aleksandra Przegalinska. We can expect a truly entertaining show!

To sum up the conference, Hanna Zdanowska mentioned the dynamic growth of the IT sector in Lodz – Thank you once again for having confidence in this city, especially to those companies that have been operating in Lodz for many years. Indeed, it is a great place to hold events like Testing Cup. On this occasion I would like to say that in our city more than six thousand people work in the IT sector. It is more than thirty companies – I suppose there is something in Lodz that makes all the programmers and creative minds feel good and I think this friendly environment has a positive influence on the high quality of their work – Zdanowska emphasized.

Testing Cup 2018 will take place on the 28th and 29th of May in Lodz. Feel invited!




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