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    2016 is definitely a year of novelties at Sii! At the beginning of June, we launched the SiiCarpooling app for our employees, which supports common commuting by car!


    SiiCarpooling  is an application connecting drivers, who have free seats in their vehicles, with other people wanting to travel in the same direction.

    • Thanks to the application, we organize carpooling, which means a few people travelling in the same car and sharing the travel costs.
    • Employees commuting by car or city transport can decrease their work travel costs.
    • The number of available parking spaces at Sii offices will increase (a number of people travelling in one car)
    • SiiCarpooling are also travels between cities, travels outside of business, holidays trips.

    The application was created to expedite and make the travelling more pleasant for our employees!


    The application is simple, clear and, what is most important, available for employees from the level of the SiiPortal. It is a single place where everyone can offer a ride, informing about the number of seats, cost per passenger and route details.

    In the nearest future, we plan to enhance the application with:

    • Backup lists for passengers for saved trips – when a passenger checks out, the next person from the list jumps in as a replacement.
    • Adding stars for individual rides/drives – grades, which will confirm quality, involvement and reliability of an individual driver.

    So, things will get hot! 🙂

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