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“Code Yourself for Running” – combining work and passion

Code yourself for running is a new project by Sii, aiming at supporting Sii workers’ passion for running. Everyone willing to start their adventure with running or to work on their running technique, can participate In the weakly open trainings conducted by an engineer from Sii and multi-marathoner, Artur Kozłowski.

More and more often employers try to meet the needs of their employees, by creating a work environment, where it is possible to combine professional development with passion. Also Sii took advantage of such possibility. In its branch in Łódź the company carries out the „Code yourself for running” project ( “Zakoduj w sobie bieganie”).

On the one hand, the project, is a response to the needs of employees, who have been asking us to support their passions. On the other hand, it results from the observed increase in the interest in running as a sports discipline – explains  Iza Wawer, HR and Recruitment Manager at Sii Łódź.

The idea of open trainings – and this is what the „Zakoduj w sobie bieganie” (Code yourself for running) project is about, arose when the Sii team was joined by Artur Kozłowski, who, apart from being a professional sports man, Polish champion in marathon running and representing  our country in the Olympic games, on a daily basis develops his career as a programmer.

“When developing my skills as a runner, I have always tried to share my knowledge gained during over a dozen years of trainings. Participating in championships in the country and abroad as, for example, the Olympic Games, has taught me a lot and now I want to share this knowledge in the form of trainings. If additionally their beneficiaries are my colleagues from the IT industry and friends from Sii, with witch I cooperate, it is an even bigger motivation to train” – says Artur Kozłowski.

The trainings conducted by Artur take place every Tuesday at 6 o’clock p.m. and are really addressed to everybody.

“We assume that the trainings should be a time pleasantly and well spent. Everyone knows that running, as a form of physical activity, has numerous health benefits, and if we train in a big group of people, it will be a great occasion to get rid of the stress of everyday life and build physical fitness” – adds Artur.

Zakoduj w sobie bieganie

All the persons interested in participating in the trainings are welcome to contact the Łódź branch of Sii under: [email protected].

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