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Customer-specific precise mechanical engineering. Learn more about projects delivered by Sii engineering experts

When it comes to customer-specific precise mechanical engineering, one might imagine repetitive and monotonous work. However, the reality is quite the opposite. The Sii engineering team is revolutionizing this field by combining creativity and scientific versatility to design complex components and machines with tight tolerance levels. Their diverse client portfolio includes, among others, a Netherlands-based mechanical design engineering supplier for whom they produce custom-made industrial parts, predominantly remotely, with occasional on-site visits to maintain strong professional relationships.

Delivering comprehensive solutions and Quality Assurance in production

One of their recent standout projects involved serving a semiconductor industry client. The task was to design precise parts and tools, and due to the complexity of the project, engineers were involved in each phase, from concept to technical documentation.

— The process begins with creating a concept model using Siemens NX software, progressing to preparing 2D documentation, assembly drawings, and eventually operating instructions for the machine — explains Marcin Ziarniak, Mechanical Design Engineer at Sii Poland. — Regular online meetings with clients ensure smooth communication and timely problem resolution — he adds.

As the product moves into the manufacturing stage, Sii engineers stay involved. They verify that the product complies with the design assumptions, participate in design reviews and oversee the production process to meet the specified requirements.

Necessary skillset, tools and qualifications of a Mechanical Designer

One might assume that projects demanding designs of utmost precision leave no space for creativity. However, this job entirely defies that notion, demanding the discovery of novel solutions and methods to ensure practical design implementation, not just in theory. The mechanical design team at Sii values innovation, flexibility, and collaborative thinking. A team-player attitude is crucial as each design piece fits into a larger project.

While projects vary, a mechanical designer’s typical workflow involves conducting research, preparing requirements and presenting concepts to stakeholders. Once the concept is chosen, they progress to detailed design, performing mechanical calculations, tolerance analyses, and the preparation of 2D documentation.

— Essential tools in the designers’ arsenal include Siemens NX for 3D modeling and Teamcenter for product lifecycle management — says Marcin Ziarniak. — A degree in mechanical engineering and a firm grasp of mathematics, geometry and very good spatial imagination are prerequisites for success in the field. Additional skills like creativity, problem-solving, and analytical thinking are highly appreciated — he adds.

Sii Poland’s market advantage – efficiency and growth opportunities

Choosing the Sii team can lead to cost savings and faster project completion for clients. Companies that engage mechanical designers from Sii gain access to a highly skilled engineering team. They offer outstanding customer support and provide comprehensive technical documentation, including assembly instructions, executive drawings, and technical specifications created during the project. Moreover, the Sii team excels at handling complex, international projects.

— As specialists in industrial automation, they provide advanced engineering, process control, and production management solutions — comments Małgorzata Jancelewicz, Business Manager at Sii Poland. – They advocate for growth within the vast field of mechanical engineering and welcome experienced professionals to join their skilled team to work in an inspiring international environment.

Customer-specific precise mechanical engineering is just one aspect of the broad spectrum of engineering support provided by Sii. The Product Design Studio at Sii excels in developing innovative solutions across various sectors, including automotive, High Tech, Healthcare, and Retail. Whether the product consists of mechanical, optical, or electronic systems and is made of different materials, Sii’s dedicated team ensures efficient implementation and successful project outcomes.

Explore our offer and Sii’s engineering team, or join us to help shape the future of mechanical design. Contact our experts to learn how we can support your business.

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