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Cybersecurity is a crucial element to every business. Entrust our experts to provide a safe environment for your company

Nowadays, cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges that both owners of small and large enterprises from various industries face. Although comprehensive services in this area were officially included in Sii offer in the middle of the year, the company already had competences and experience in consulting in this field. Currently, in Sii, there are over 50 specialists implementing projects focused on ensuring safety of the organization’s resources.

Fighting global threat

The ongoing digitization of almost all areas of company’s operations is an increasing challenge for security departments. Any additional device or application can be a potential gateway for cybercriminals. A proper resource security is a critical challenge for every organization. It is estimated that within next 5 years activity of cybercriminals will increase and global losses related to their operations will reach 6 trillion dollars annually.

What is the biggest threat? – Nowadays, the spectrum of attacks is not only limited to actions carried out by individual hackers – says Dawid Jankowski, Cybersecurity Lead in Sii. – Increasingly often we are dealing with attacks carried out by organized criminal groups destabilizing entire corporate systems or even states. A spectacular example, and at the same time one of the major ones, was a cyberattack on Estonia in 2007. Hackers paralyzed most government sites and then attacked private sector. Banks were forced to suspend online services and cease all foreign transactions – he adds.

The consequences of a successful attack are not limited to financial losses. Loss of data, breach of confidential information and disruption of business continuity constitute a measurable cost for companies – in the US in 2018 it amounted to almost USD 8 million on average.

– The growing scale of the threat causes organizations to wonder not whether they will become a victim of an attack, but when it is attempted, how to prevent it and what to do when it turns out to be effective – says Jarosław Lakutowicz, Director of the IT Operations Competence Center in Sii.

Experience and competences

Since July 2019, Sii’s offer has expanded and introduced cybersecurity services, as the company already has the competence and experience in implementing projects in this area.

One of the major projects implemented in recent years is Security Operations Center for a large international financial company. As part of the service, Sii offers support to quickly respond to a potential attack or its attempt. Experts working in the project engage in tasks including monitoring of network traffic and e-mail correspondence, analyzing potential security incidents and their consequences, or launching and analyzing malware in a separate environment.

The demand for comprehensive consultancy in the area of ​​security is visible in many different industries. One example is a project implemented for a global company in food industry. Sii architects supported the client in the field of verification and assessment of new security technologies and activities related to risk management, such as supplier risk assessment or project risk analysis. They also took part in incident management processes as well as in developing rules, procedures and guidelines to support IT security strategies.

Sii currently employs over 50 specialists in the field of cybersecurity, including consultants with certificates recognized on the market: CISSP, GIAC GCIH, GIAC GCFE and CompTIA Security +.

The scope of new Sii offer is going to include: consultations allowing risk assessment and designing solutions to increase safety; test services, including penetration tests; integration of IT security; access management and Security Operations Center – a comprehensive service that allows on-going threat monitoring, incident handling and prevention of data leaks.

– New elements of Sii offer address our clients’ needs who are interested in ensuring data security in their companies – says Dawid Jankowski. – Thanks to experience and competences we have, we are able to offer services tailored to their current needs, regardless of the industry in which they operate and systems they use – he adds.

If you want to learn more about Sii cybersecurity services, contact us.

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