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During Think Warsaw, which Sii is the Gold Partner of, our expert will be talking about Robotic Process Automation

Think Warsaw, one of the biggest IT conferences in Poland, will gather experts in technology, visionaries and representatives of business. The event, which will take place on the 18th of September in Warsaw, will also be attended by Sii. One of the presentations will be delivered by Paweł Satalecki, Business Development Manager from the Digital Competency Centre at Sii, who will be talking about innovative and pragmatic aspects of Robotic Process Automation.

IBM Think is a series of conferences which take place around the world. Their aim is to inspire and broaden the knowledge of technologies and innovations. Think Warsaw, which is a part of this series, is one of the biggest events addressed to IT managers in Poland. It will take place on the 18th of September in Warsaw.

The conference, organised by IBM, is a meeting platform for experts in technology and representatives of business. Apart from its main objective, which is sharing knowledge, it enables establishing cooperation with partners in such fields as artificial intelligence, blockchain, quantum computing, cloud, data and safety infrastructure.

Sii has become the Gold Partner of the conference and one of the presentations will be delivered by Paweł Satalecki, Business Development Manager from the Digital Competency Centre at Sii.

Barbara Kun, Marketing Account Manager: At the conference you will deliver a presentation on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) entitled Think & Do: Small little numbers – take a test in robots’ mathematics. What role does automation play in the fast-growing IT sector?

Paweł Satalecki, Business Development Manager: We can all see how much is going on in the world of technology and innovation. Technology itself is not enough, though. What’s more, it doesn’t even have to be a half of success. Access to the latest solutions, especially with regards to software, is almost unlimited today. The challenge is to use the available solutions in the right way. The start-up market is a great example of that – it uses ready-made components to build services and products in those areas that no one event thought about before. Another example is IBM Watson artificial intelligence, which can be easily used although there is huge knowledge and work of hundreds of programmers behind it.

At Sii we cooperate with hundreds of clients around the world by providing them not only with advanced technologies but also the knowledge of how to use these technologies in the best possible way. When I talk to them I follow a business pragmatism rule – look not only for innovations but for innovations that will generate actual value possibly fast. This is the idea I would like to share with the conference audience. Therefore, I combined the inspiring word Think with the word Do. Robotic Process Automation is such an example of combining innovation and pragmatism. This technology is cheap, fast and extremely efficient. It is hard to believe but we have actually managed to combine all these three elements.

B.K.: The event is addressed mainly to managers. What kind of organisations can benefit most from the possibilities offered by Robotic Process Automation? 

P.S.: RPA has no limits both as far as the industry and departments within an organisation are concerned. For sure, it generates greatest value for medium and large companies which have an elaborated organisational base. Robots take over routine, repeatable tasks performed by people, such as copying data between systems, preparing reports and sheets, completing applications and data, etc.

RPA is also a great solution when we want to speed up and guarantee high quality of customer service. Well-prepared robots do not make mistakes and they are very efficient. We can see a high potential in combining RPA with chatbots and automation of whole business processes.

B.K.: Think Warsaw is one of the biggest events of this kind in Poland. The registration on the organiser’s website is still open. How would you convince the unconvinced to take part in the conference?

P.S.: IBM Think Warsaw will gather Polish and international experts – real visionaries. This is a great opportunity not only to discover new technologies but also systematise one’s knowledge and check how and where it could be used business-wise.

We invite you to take part in the conference and make yourself familiar with the offer of the Digital Competency Centre connected with Robotic Process Automation.

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