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Ferratum Bank joins the mobile banking world thanks to Sii’s Testing Competency Center

Clients of Ferratum Bank in Europe can now take advantage of a new mobile application, which gives comfortable access to the bank account through the mobile phone. The Sii Testing Services Competency Center was responsible for the testing process, which made introducing the app onto the market possible.

Ferratum Bank is a part of the Ferratum group, the biggest company in Europe offering loans via mobile phones and Internet, the first one to introduce mobile microloans in Europe. The group operates in 23 countries and provides service to over 1.2 million clients.

The biggest problem Ferratum Bank had to face, was a lack of qualified specialists, knowledge and the right conditions to carry out profound tests – necessary to introduce the product onto the market. The decisive factor in choosing Sii as a provider was the fact that the company has made big investments in mobile solutions: it owns a fully equipped, modern Testing Lab, composed of c.a. 70 devices – commercially available tools, as well as their own original solutions, enabling advanced testing, along with a team of specialists with years of experience in their domain. It was not without significance, that Sii was able to begin providing an advanced service almost overnight.

Sii Competency Center Specialists helped Ferratum structure the process of software development and create a system of tests, which resulted in producing a top quality application and shortening the time necessary to introduce the product onto the market by 30 %.

“The testing process for mobile applications is especially complicated, as it requires carrying out tests on several operation systems and on many devices, which significantly increases the number of test cases, that have to be performed. A company has to have a mobile devices Test Lab to be able to carry out full tests. In the past year Sii invested over 250 000 PLN in mobile devices and software for their management in the cloud” – says Marcin Laksander, Sii Testing Services Competency Center Manager.

Mobile applications for a bank are a demanding case, as such application must not only be user friendly, but also meet the highest security standards – testing must be extremely thorough. It takes up almost 1/3 of the entire time required to make a ready product, which shows how important this element is in the entire development process.

Tests carried out by the Sii Competency Center included tests of new functionalities and regression tests. The mobile app was checked for securit, non – functional properties, such as CPU, RAM and battery use were also verified. Since the start of the project, the testing team reported almost 700 errors, including 43 blockers and 100 critical errors. The testing process was built from start and is under constant development, test automation is planned. The work turned out to be such a big success, that Ferratum has decided to expand tests carried out by Sii for mobile and online applications by middleware and back-end tests and tests of associated applications.

Testing enabled the creation and implementation of a mobile application, for IOS and Android systems, allowing to start a bank account in a matter of seconds, using mobile devices with access to the Internet. Sii Engineers were fully responsible for the quality of the delivered product.

The cooperation between Sii and Ferratum has been very successful, the client is very satisfied with our services. In many cases our team took on an advisory role, not only in the project in which we are directly participating, but also in other projects of the company, so the future looks promissing” – says Ewa Plakwicz, Business Developer at Sii, responsible for the cooperation with Ferratum Bank.

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