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First machines and complete production lines ready for pick up at Sii’s brand new assembly shop

For over 13 years Sii has been successfully providing IT and engineering services to leading companies from around the world. Recently, thanks to the launch of its own assembly shop, the company has the opportunity to support its customers even more comprehensively, ranging from design, through software, to independent construction of machines in its own hall.

Year by year, Sii, which employs over 4 000 IT and engineering specialists, implements more and more projects in the fields of automation, robotics, control systems as well as mechanical and electrical engineering. The team already counts over 150 engineers experienced in the field and the numbers are still growing. However, they were looking for a space with appropriate conditions that would fit the needs of building machines and complete production lines or technological systems independently at any time. Opening an Sii’s own assembly shop seemed to be the ideal solution.

– The potential for developing our cooperation with clients in the engineering areas such as design, software solutions and building machines or product lines is huge. Having our own hall is a big step towards our customers’ needs. We can provide them with more comprehensive service and meet their expectations which, in fact, they already been talking about. In addition to the existing services of control systems and mechanical and electrical engineering, they needed a comprehensive approach. It means, among others, solutions about production automation, product lines modernization and machines or product lines construction – describes the reason of the investment Przemysław Grzanka, Engineering Competency Center Director at Sii.

The spacious area of 1000 square meters, which is located near the airport in Gdansk, is equipped with all the tools necessary for the construction of complete machines and production lines, as well as a pneumatic system.

– Thanks to the new space, we can provide complete assembly services, not just software or design. At the moment, we are able to design, program and build a whole machine in our own shop – explains Adam Górczyński, Service Delivery Manager at Sii Gdańsk. Comprehensive customer service and full control of projects implementation, which is supervised by experienced engineers at every stage, is a very comfortable situation for both Sii and its clients. There are also benefits for the employees. – It is a very pragmatic solution in terms of optimizing our employees’ work. Now they can limit their time-consuming business trips and use the shop for their business purposes. Having such a a place at our disposal gives a great potential – adds Górczyński.

Currently, Sii engineers are prepared to build up to 10 machines at the same time. This number varies depending on the complexity of the machine. They can be both manual and fully automated stations, where most of the work is carried out by, for example, industrial robots. What else is hidden behind the walls of the shop?

– The building has a separate area where we are able to equip and wire up to six electrical cabinets at the same time. That’s not all. We provided stations where we can react immediately and prepare or repair some of the elements by ourselves. They let us shorten the time needed for production. From the point of optimization, it’s important not only for us but also for our clients because it allows us to reduce time and costs, as well as supports the workflow – explains Górczyński, who manages the work carried out in the shop.

At present, the Engineering Competency Center at Sii carries out orders mainly for clients from the automotive and logistics industry. Over the last weeks, among other projects, it has provided stations producing car engines for a factory located in Vietnam. Currently, preparations for assembly work are being carried out for further projects for the automotive industry.

How can Sii help your company? Find out more about what services are offered by the Engineering Competency Center at Sii.

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