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From a PMO Coordinator to a Delivery Manager – discover Karolina’s career path in the area of project management

Karolina Modrzejewska started working at Sii Poland in 2018 as an Operational Coordinator in the PMO department. However, she quickly realized that she would like to continue her career as a Delivery Manager. Find out about her motivation to choose this career path and how her previous experience helps her work in the new position.

Why were you interested in working as a Delivery Manager in the PMO department?

K.M.: The Project Management Office (PMO) is close to implementation projects. It is a unit whose mission is to implement the standards of their effective and secure delivery and to ensure their planned profitability. You can learn a lot here.

After starting my career at the Sii Project Management Office (PMO), I quickly realized that I would like to manage projects as a Delivery Manager. I found this position very exciting, interesting, full of challenges and opportunities for development. Of course, I was aware that this role requires enormous knowledge and skills in the area of ​​project management, planning, communication, risk management, as well as building proper relationships with the team and with the client’s representatives.

How did working as a Coordinator at PMO help you in your Delivery Manager career?

K.M.: Work at PMO is very varied and full of challenges. In addition to typical operational work, there are many other developing, independent tasks, like acting as the owner of a business tool or creating  a new one, for example, a report. It is like running a small project.

Each PMO Coordinator supports assigned Delivery Managers. Thanks to this, you can observe their work and everyday challenges. As a PMO Coordinator, I had the opportunity to get to know the challenges in projects and learn how to solve them by observing the Delivery Managers’ workshops and learning about the best practices in the area of ​​communication, monitoring work progress, change or risk management. I also found out how important it is to know the contract and formal aspects in project management as well as the quality of project documentation.

A Delivery Manager works based on the principles adopted and written in the procedures specific for various departments of our company. Thanks to my work at PMO, I got to know them very well.

Now I am starting my career as an Associate Delivery Manager and I am sure that this knowledge will be a great asset in my new position.

Does the knowledge from the PMO department allow career development only in the area of ​​project management?

K.M.: Of course not! PMO is a place where we work with various areas, from financial and controlling through project management and training to technical team. Thanks to such diversity, you can get to know them well and then decide which way to develop further.

For example, by looking at the work of the PMO Team Leader and Process Coordinator responsible for optimizing teamwork and implementing project and service delivery methodologies, you can gain the best know-how in this area. As Delivery Managers run very interesting and often difficult projects, the PMO team makes sure that the knowledge and experience remain available to others. For this purpose, we organize workshops, trainings and project meetings, where the members of the PMO team often act as trainers and speakers. One of the team’s primary goals is to ensure the correctness of the data presented in various reports and systems. Hence, the close cooperation with the Controlling and Business Intelligence departments, which gives you extensive technical and business knowledge on the analytical systems and reports.

You have many tasks, but it allows you to acquire practical skills in effective time and task management, prioritization as well as change and communication management.

One thing is for sure – there is no routine in the PMO team.

Who would you recommend working in the PMO team?

K.M.: First of all, ambitious people who are not afraid of challenges, want to learn a lot and deepen their knowledge related to project management. Thanks to task automation, PMO is a very efficient team, which is why people who like to improve and optimize their work will feel great here. As a part of the PMO team, they will learn about many areas of the company’s operations. The company supports its employees and helps them develop and acquire the needed knowledge.

If you want to join Sii PMO department, see our job offers.

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