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From recruiter to Resource Manager: Professional development at Sii Poland

In the interview below, he talks about his first days at work, the support he received, and the rapid change in career path made possible by the Job Changer program. Read the entire talk and discover the inspiring story of Kamil Kawa, Associate Resource Manager of the Dynamics ERP Competency Center at Sii Poland.

How did you get started at Sii Poland, and what surprised you the most after joining the company?

I wasn’t planning any career changes in 2022, and I joined Sii entirely by accident and spontaneously. The IT world was already fascinating to me, and despite my fears about whether I would find myself in it, I decided to take a risk and accept the job offer. I joined the excellent SSC team as a Recruitment Specialist at Sii Rzeszow. After just the first few days, I knew my decision was the right one. The friendly atmosphere at Sii, combined with flexibility and a high level of trust towards the workers, certainly sets our company apart from others and is quite a surprise.

What was the process of transitioning to the position of Associate Resource Manager like?

It happened in August 2023 after only a year of working at Sii Poland. The transition process turned out to be very dynamic. I did not expect that the whole thing would take place in such a fast and smooth way.

However, many challenges awaited me — a new position, a lot of knowledge to assimilate, and a lot of relationships to build from scratch. And, above all, moving to the other part of Poland, Poznan, from where I currently work. I can’t deny that various challenges accompany me to this day, and I don’t think this will change. However, thanks to them, I am developing and improving my competence, and I can’t complain about boredom.

Did you receive support that helped you transition smoothly to your new position?

Yes, the onboarding process was very well planned, allowing me to assimilate knowledge quickly and efficiently, implement my responsibilities, and start working in my new position. In addition, whenever I encountered a problem or wanted to explore a topic in more depth, I could ask my teammates for help and got it without a problem.

What new skills have you gained by moving into the Associate Resource Manager position?

Moving into the ARM position, I gained a ton of new skills, both soft and technical. As an example, I have deepened my knowledge of technology and the specifics of working in the Dynamics ERP Competency Center. My position involves a lot of responsibility and requires independence, which I also had to adapt to. Despite my short tenure in this role, I can see that my professional development has advanced.

What are your responsibilities, and what does your workday look like?

My work is all about contact with people, which is a massive advantage for me. On a daily basis, I take care of a team of more than 35 people for whom I am the Line Manager. I am responsible for supporting their career development, motivating them, and ensuring that work is a pleasure for them but also a challenge and that every project carried out by my team members is delivered with the highest quality. A large part of my work is also contact with Delivery Managers and the recruitment, sales, or HR department.

What made you use the Job Changer tool and change your career path?

I decided to use Job Changer because I wanted to grow professionally, and at the same time, I wanted to stay in our organization. I also knew that Sii is a company that focuses on worker happiness and satisfaction and allows them to change their career paths. Observing the work of Resource Managers, I found their responsibilities and challenges very interesting, and they fit naturally into the professional development of a recruiter.

What advice can you give Sii Poland workers considering using Job Changer?

The whole process related to Job Changer is straightforward, fast, and friendly. If you are considering changing your position, project, technology, or even the place of work, don’t wait to use this tool! Until now, I remember the moment before I pressed the “Apply” button. I heard from the then-Line Manager that trying is always worth it, and I would like to pass this thought on to everyone considering using JC.

Is there anything that particularly impressed you about using Job Changer?

I was very positively surprised by the possibility of choosing multiple career paths and the speed of the Job Changer team. Within just a week of applying for the program, I was able to participate in the recruitment process and was offered a new position. Bottom line: I’m glad I decided to take advantage of Job Changer!

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