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Heading East – Sii Poland has made a strategic investment in Ukraine

The high demand for professionals continues and is becoming a growing issue across many European countries, including Poland. In order to diversify the candidates’ resource pool and increase competitiveness, Sii Poland decided to expand and invest in Ukraine. The contract has been finalized in November 2021. The company intends to hire dozens of engineers in the coming months. – We decided to make an investment on the Ukrainian market because it has huge potential. Our goal is to make Sii Ukraine a large delivery center, just like Sii Poland is today – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Sii Poland continues to develop dynamically and currently employs over 6,500 top class experts in 14 locations all over Poland. Since the Polish IT sector is experiencing a  constantly growing demand for skilled IT specialists, Sii started looking for development opportunities outside the country. With over 200,000 highly skilled IT professionals, Ukraine has a rich talent pool, which makes it an attractive location for investment.

– Similarly to many other countries, the demand for IT specialists in Poland exceeds the supply. Additionally, Poland is becoming less and less competitive in terms of costs compared to Western European countries. Rapid remuneration growth, rising taxes and skyrocketing inflation motivated us to diversify our candidates resource pool.  We decided to invest in Ukraine because of its cultural & geographical proximity, which makes it easy to cooperate. Thanks to good universities, engineers are well-skilled and valued by clients. Moreover, we know that this country has great potential – several competitors already have a significant footprint there. Our goal is to make Sii Ukraine a large delivery center, just like Sii Poland is today. We hope to hire hundreds of engineers and open new offices in many Ukrainian cities. But of course, it doesn’t mean we want to slow down our growth or limit our investments in Poland in any way. We’re still going full speed ahead – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO of Sii Poland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Despite the shortage of IT specialists on the market, Sii Poland is growing faster than ever before. The second half of 2021 was record-breaking in terms of the number of people hired. The company starts cooperation with 250 new experts on average every month. Last year Sii Poland achieved also 3 strategic milestones: 15 years on the market, 6 000 experts, and PLN 1 billion in revenue.

Sii Ukraine was opened in 2006. Currently, the company employs about 30 specialists, working in the office located in Odesa.  A merger of the subsidiary with Sii Poland is connected with dozens of open IT positions, but also back office specialists in Ukraine.

–  We are currently looking for Java, iOS, Android, Python and C++ Developers. They will be involved in projects for international prestigious brands from various sectors, including IoT, telecommunications or pharmaceutical industries. Factors, which can convince experts to apply to Sii, are employment stability, development opportunities and possibility of remote work, to name a just a few – says Tomasz Eberbach, Ukraine Business Lead at Sii Poland.

Visit Sii Ukraine website to find out more about exciting recruitment and business opportunities.

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