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How companies are winning against the pandemic – explore 5 technologies key in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises. E-commerce and CRM platforms, digital workplace solutions, agile project management tools or Business Intelligence systems – these technologies help companies to minimize the impact of the coronavirus on their business. Based on many years of experience in the IT, engineering, digital and BPO services market, Sii Poland experts have identified five main technologies that will allow enterprises to maintain business continuity and win on the market in 2021.

The technological revolution is spreading much faster than ever before. In order to run business in the new and changing reality, companies invest heavily in digital solutions that will secure their functioning and development. What technologies will allow us to successfully deal with the challenges of the pandemic in the coming months? We asked this question to Sii Poland experts.

– A sudden transition to remote work or the migration to the e-commerce channel have become a big challenge for many companies. Thanks to our years of experience in implementing digital transformation projects, we can help them ensure business continuity and further development. The customers from the automotive, medical, retail, banking and public utilities industries have already benefited from the support of our experts – says Krzysztof Krężel, Chief Operating Officer at Sii Poland.

E-commerce as a key technology in the post-COVID-19 world

Due to restrictions in stationary trade, such as closing stores or introducing limits on the number of people allowed inside, e-commerce has become a key channel for many companies. The businesses that had previously focused on online sales, had ready e-commerce platforms and adapted internal processes come through the lockdown unscathed. It was them that, in the face of restrictions on physical stores, had a chance to increase revenues and further business development.

– At the time of the first restrictions, many companies quickly launched e-commerce channels, having to make several technological and process compromises. Given the change in consumer behaviour, the large share of the young generation among buyers and the greater adoption of new technologies, after the pandemic that catalyzes these changes, the development of e-commerce in 2021 will be even more dynamic than before. This will apply not only to classic B2C, but also to companies from the B2B sector that must dynamically adapt or create new digital sales channels – Marcin Kozłowski, E-commerce & Customer Experience Competency Center Manager at Sii Poland.

The limited availability of traditional stores has resulted in the transition of new customer groups to on-line. Since they are often people who are not heavy technology users, from the point of view of e-commerce stores, it will be even more important that their sales platforms are intuitive and easy to use, which will often require adapting them for a better User Experience. In  the projects carried out by Sii Poland experts, solutions such as Adobe Experience Manager or Magento are implemented, which allow clients to improve UX and, as a result, increase sales of products and services.

If you need support in the development of your sales channel or you want to audit it to identify areas for improvement, check the offer and take advantage of the experience of Sii Poland e-commerce experts.

Business continuity thanks to effective digital workplace

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many organizations to change the nature of work from office to remote. The companies that have not worked remotely so far face the challenge of time. The transition to this new model must be carried out quickly, and introducing changes without proper preparation may have negative consequences for the operation of the entire organization and the experience of employees themselves.

Digital workplace solutions enable employees to easily access corporate data, no matter where they work from. Moving key applications and data to the cloud brings many benefits. The cloud not only supports the processes of digital transformation, it increases the level of security and contributes to lowering the costs of running a business. It is also agility, so much needed by companies in the new reality, allowing them to quickly react to market changes.

– Recent months have seen a boom in the area of digital workplace. Our teams specializing in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace technologies work at full capacity so that clients can be sure that their employees will be able to effectively work remotely and access corporate data and documents regardless of the device they use and the place where they work. We also see the benefits of such solutions in our organization. Thanks to proven tools and good practices in the area of team management and communication, over 4 800 of our workers could easily switch to work from home during the pandemic – says Sebastian Cięszczyk, Offering Lead at Sii Poland.

The needs reported by the clients of Sii Poland include:

  • The implementation of the electronic signature system, which becomes key in many areas after transferring work to home,
  • The transfer of many company processes to digital,
  • The development of tailor-made collaboration tools.

To learn more about digital workplace solutions, visit the website.

Agile transformation – the way to achieve competitive advantage

In the light of Covid-19, the vast majority of companies today must be agile – respond quickly to market changes, focus on their customers and product, while controlling all risks. We observe an ever-growing demand for a change in the approach to product manufacturing. Companies know that in order to be competitive, they need more flexibility, shorter time-to-market, and high quality. Atlassian solutions offered by Sii Poland are a response to these challenges and work well in a variety of organizations, regardless of their size or the industry in which they operate.

– Remote work requires effective cooperation, which is why clear visualization of daily tasks, project implementation status, effective management and knowledge sharing are so important. Many organizations today are looking for a solution to manage their initiatives and project portfolio, regardless of the methodology in which they are carried out. Both IT departments and backoffice, i.e. marketing, HR, recruitment, administration and many others, need tools that will organize and optimize their work. What if we had one, integrated environment for all these needs, ensuring safe and controlled access to data, user-friendly and at the same time easily configurable? Sounds perfect? The Atlassian platform gives us all of this and much more – says Maciej Szostek, Agile & Atlassian Competency Center Manager at Sii Poland.

The knowledge and experience in implementing agile practices of Sii Poland experts, combined with the tools of a well-known partner such as Atlassian, have already improved the work of many of the company’s clients, including the leading sports brand PUMA.

Learn more about how to use Atlassian solutions in your organization.

All customer data in one place

We all hope that the pandemic will soon come to an end, but there are many indications that the world will not be the same. Changes in functioning for many companies are inevitable. Sii Poland experts estimate that CRM and customer relations, as well as process and data integration, will be among the main areas of digital transformation of enterprises. The success of the business digitization process depends largely on the selection of the right solution. This is where Salesforce comes in handy. This market-leading, comprehensive CRM system provides a 360-degree view of the customer, combining ready-made solutions for customer service, as well as sales and marketing automation on one platform. Its enormous possibilities of configuration and use of both ready-made as well as more advanced and non-standard solutions make it applicable in organizations from various industries, with different needs and with different scale of operations.

– This is the end of an era in which customer data was distributed in various systems and unavailable for business. It is an extremely valuable resource for any company, which they should be able to fully use. The task of the Salesforce platform is to collect data in one place and, thanks to the built-in integrations, process them and make them available to key functional areas in the company – says Rafał Modelski, Salesforce Competency Center Manager at Sii Poland.

In order to be sure that the system will be properly implemented and will allow to fully tap its potential, contact Sii Poland experts who will adapt it to specific, even the most advanced needs.

Learn more about Salesforce cloud solutions: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

BI tools – a new quality of data processing

2020 has shown that companies that were able to adapt to new circumstances, often by changing their business models, coped best in the crisis. Changes took place even in the most conservative public institutions, which also transferred processes and customer service to the virtual space. We are not surprised by meetings with a notary public via Teams or signing contracts using Adobe Sign. And although some industries still require personal contact, the trend is clear.

In the process of all these changes, a great deal of data is generated. These can be messages sent via Teams, CRM entries, credit card transactions as well as tweets from Twitter. The Business Intelligence systems, in particular Big Data solutions, handle the processing and extraction of information from large amounts of data. They can stream them, in real time or near real time, to finally present them in a useful form – be it as input to other systems, or in the form of reports or visualizations.

– With the growing digitization, the greatest challenge for modern enterprises is the proper management of excess data. Companies that invest in the development of Big Data infrastructure, Business Intelligence tools and effective analytics will be able to turn the obtained data into legible and useful information that will allow them to make better business decisions – says Krzysztof Saniak, Solution Architect at Sii Poland.

Extending BI systems with AI algorithms allows for even greater automation. These systems can learn from historical data to search for patterns that are invisible to humans, which enables automatic classification of customers, forecasting future costs and even autonomous decision making.

Check how Business Intelligence systems can improve your business.

Digital transformation is the first step to further improvements and automation that significantly increase efficiency and competitiveness. Contact us to find out how our experts can improve the operation of your organization in the pandemic.

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