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How does the e-commerce market look like in Poland? The newest report from Gemius and e-Chamber with comments from Sii Poland experts

For the eighth time Gemius Polska has published the report “E-commerce in Poland 2020” in cooperation with the Chamber of Electronic Economy. This publication is a useful source of information about the Polish online shopping market and consumers’ shopping habits. Material also includes comments from experts from Sii Poland, who is the official partner of the report and the member of e-Chamber.

Online shopping is becoming a part of daily life for more and more consumers, which is caused by, among others things, the continuous development of technologies and sales channels. Business activities in e-commerce industry require constant market observation, updating of knowledge, optimization of processes and tools, as well as analyses of the attitudes, motivations and habits of customers. They have a wide range of options to choose from on the web, so may quickly get discouraged from buying in a particular store when they experience any type of inconvenience. Understanding their needs is a very important aspect of the sales process.

The newest report, “E-commerce in Poland 2020”, presenting this year’s results of Internet user surveys is also a diagnosis of the current status, and a guide showing the direction of changes on the local market, which suggests what to pay attention to, while conducting online sales. In this publication can also be found comments of Sii Poland experts who have shared their knowledge and thoughts: Dariusz Adamowski, Director of the Digital Competency Center and Bartlomiej Kiermasz, E-commerce Offering Lead.

– I see the increasing importance of the User Experience, which is also confirmed in the report and our experience in cooperation with clients who are getting more aware of the value and are willing to invest in it – says Bartłomiej Kiermasz. – What I found interesting and I also pointed out in the publication – is that compared to last year, we have already seen an increase in Internet users declaring shopping online. This is 11 percentage points but it will certainly grow even more this year due to the pandemic. Online shopping is becoming something natural for the population – specific reasons including 24-hour availability, no need to visit the store physically and unlimited time for selection – are reflected in the results of the study – adds Kiermasz.

– Changes are the only constant in the industry – says Dariusz Adamowski. – They are very dynamic, so it’s worth keeping an eye on and taking care of all aspects of the online channel. It is a continuous process, or at least we should think about it like this. We should look for opportunities for business development and its improvements constantly. This is even more reasonable because we can use more and more advanced technologies related e.g. to improvements in product search through voice commands, image search or the use of chatbots as assistants. Building and analyzing the Polish e-commerce market is very important to us, so I am pleased that many of our native brands are aware of the need and see the cost-effectiveness that is brought by such type of effort and investment. Our experts are ready to help, by sharing their best practices and expertise – adds Adamowski.

You can download the “E-commerce in Poland 2020” report HERE.

Do you need a support in developing your sales channel or do you want to conduct an audit to identify areas for improvement? Check out the offer of Sii Poland and use the support of e-commerce experts.

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