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How to manage Customer Experience and turn it into business benefits in online-only times

Recently, due to the pandemic and restrictions in traditional trade, a large part of purchases moved online. Do you know what impact does customers’ interaction with your brand have on increasing their satisfaction and loyalty in the digital world, and how does it influence the business? Find out why it is important and what benefits you can achieve through efficient management in this area. Experts from Sii Poland and Adobe shared their knowledge on how to effectively manage Customer Experience and which tools will be helpful.

Sii Poland is constantly developing its offer by supporting clients in customer service and e-commerce. These two areas have a direct impact on services and products sales which is why they are more often in the center of attention and investment of different companies. Entrepreneurs are looking for reliable and experienced partners. Specialized unit of Sii, E-Commerce Competency Center, has accumulated the best experts with unique skills in the area of implementing solutions from Adobe’s portfolio like Adobe Commerce – Magento and Adobe Experience Manager – software supporting management of Customer Experience in Digital channels. Such competencies are also extremely desirable, which can also be demonstrated by the growing importance of Adobe itself, a partner of Sii Poland, who became the second, after Microsoft, most valuable software company at the beginning of this year.

Why is Customer Experience so important for business regardless of the industry and size of the enterprise?

Iwona Stamper, Territory Sales Executive for the area of ​​Central and Eastern Europe at Adobe: Nowadays, Customer Experience is very important. The feelings we have when finalizing various types of commercial transactions impact our future choices, preferences and decisions. That is why Adobe decided to take over Magento to build a common Customer Experience throughout the entire sales process, regardless of the channel. In retrospect, it is clear that it was a very good decision because the level of satisfaction of our customers has increased significantly.

Marcin Kozłowski, Delivery Manager at Sii Polska: What’s more, we have already used to the fact that in today’s world products and services are available at our fingertips. As consumers, we can purchase almost anything we want, whenever we want, how we want, and choose a convenient delivery. Entrepreneurs are dealing with unprecedented competition, regardless of the industry. The customer is currently in a dominant position, which is further strengthened by the fast information flow and numerous reviews coming directly from consumers. Therefore, it is not enough to have a good product to stand out. Our company as a brand must also bring positive associations to buyers.

Are we talking only about the experience of end customers in the B2C model?

M.K.: Currently, a large part of our activities is focused on impressions and relationships with individual clients. In industries where there is an intermediary sales network, for example partnership in B2B model, it is important to pay attention to how we communicate with this group – are the systems and processes efficient or the knowledge about the product provided is sufficient for effective sales etc. For one of our clients, we have prepared a solution delivering good Customer Experience in the B2C segment, and additionally, we provided them with the right tools for communication and sales for B2B model by supporting, as example, complete information about offered product portfolio.

Moreover, Customer Experience for the same product or brand should be designed differently both in terms of the target group and target country. For one of our international clients in the construction products industry, we have just launched an information platform regarding its offer and products for 10 different markets. It provides tailored information and personalized experiences, including depending on whether the recipient from a given country is an individual customer, a representative of a construction company or completely outside the sector to which the offer is directed. Moreover, we highlight different Unique Selling Points, choosing them from the perspective of a given target group, directly translating them into content provided by the platform to an Internet user familiarizing with the company’s offer. As a result, our client increases customer engagement and more precisely responds to his needs, which ultimately contributes to his satisfaction with the purchasing process and finally, the sales growth.

What does digital content management look like in the context of customers and their needs?

Przemysław Saniak, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland: Today’s technologies largely avoid the famous trap from John Wanamaker’s quote saying that half of the money spent on advertising is wasted, but it is not known which half. Thanks to such technologies like those created by Adobe, we know what interests our customers and we can provide them with relevant content. What’s more, we can do it in real-time and for each individual.

Therefore, we are not dealing with intrusive shaping of needs, but building relationships with the buyer based on the understanding of his needs. In other words, if “content is the king” still, then the appropriate context is the queen. Context understood as the right time, place and person whose content is presented to.

If, as a buyer, I want to use a telephone on my way to work in July to browse offers for ski trips and ski equipment, then I should be able to do so. However, we can imagine the consternation when a store proposes such a purchase randomly.

How does Adobe portfolio fit into the current customers and entrepreneurs needs? What are the benefits of proper software implementation, in particular Magento e-commerce and Adobe Experience Manager?

Bartłomiej Kiermasz, E-Commerce Offering lead at Sii Poland: Incorporating Magento into Adobe’s products family is a very natural step in its development. As a leader in the Customer Experience management software segment, they currently offer a whole portfolio of products used to manage data about user behavior and preferences, content management and distribution, automation of marketing activities. Adding e-commerce to this platform allows to make a purchasing decision at the right time. With this, marketers and sellers got tools that make their work easier and allow them to make data-based business decisions and meet customer expectations. For example, in B2C model, thanks to the Adobe platform, we have full insight into customer activities related not only to browsing the automatically matched content like articles with inspirations, which are created and managed by Adobe Experience Manager, but also to activities related directly to purchasing process  like browsing product pages, constructing the basket, check-out. We can analyze all these activities cross-sectionally for different segments, markets and groups in Adobe Analytics.

If you are looking for support for your business with Adobe tools in the area of e-commerce and Customer Experience check out the offer of Sii Poland and find out what solutions will be best for you: e-commerce offer

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